The Mismeasure of Candidates

In 1981 Harvard biologist Stephen Jay Gould published a ground-breaking book on the history of scientific inquiry into human potential. Dr. Gould identified many pitfalls (some intentional and some not) that had long prevented biologists, psychologists, philosophers, historians, and many others, from reaching a solid understanding of human nature. Providing readers with a basic understanding of scientific methods, and the many factors that can undermine the pursuit of knowledge, allowed Gould to change minds, and his readers to make more informed decisions.


Flash forward a few decades and you will find me (Dr. Greg Willard)—an expert in experimental psychology who happens to have spent the last few years researching the emerging landscape of “big data” in the world of employee selection, engagement, development, and retention. (In short, the most important set of decisions that a company ever makes).

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing my many findings with you in bite-sized chunks with the hope of, like Gould did years before, helping my readers to make more informed decisions about employee selection, engagement, development, and retention.

Stay tuned! Next week: Beware the “Success Story.”

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