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Build employee retention pre-hire

Reduce attrition with new hires who succeed and stay.

Make the right hire the first time

Predict which candidates will succeed and stay without bias. Our assessment identifies the candidates in your talent pool who look most like your unicorns, giving your team insights into future performance so you make the right hire and build employee retention.

Drive employee retention by making the right hire the first time with Cangrade's Pre-Hire Assessment.
Cangrade's Retention Forecast drives employee retention pre-hire by identifying which candidates will thrive in your current workforce.

Reduce attrition pre-hire

Find the candidates in your talent pool who will thrive. Our Retention Forecast leverages data on your current workforce to identify which of your applicants are most likely to stay, helping you boost employee retention and reduce false starts before you hire.

Deliver a stand-out new hire experience

Set managers up for success by sharing where their new hire needs upskilling and where they’ll thrive. Cangrade’s candidate reports give managers insights into new employees’ strengths, development opportunities, and motivations so they can best support their new team members. 

Deliver a stand-out new hire experience with Cangrade's candidate reports that set managers and employees up for success.
Drive employee retention and engagement through upskilling with Cangrade's Workforce Development tool.

Drive employee engagement through upskilling 

Empower and retain your employees with personalized development pathways targeted to the growth areas identified in their Pre-Hire Assessment. Then assign and track the completion of learning materials and measure the impact on performance with our Workforce Development tool. 

Identify lateral moves, promotions, and future leaders

Assess your talent for growth opportunities and lateral moves to build employee retention, mobility, and leadership pipelines. Cangrade’s assessment only needs to be taken once to identify fit for future roles and gives you the data you need to ensure employees continue to thrive.

Identify lateral moves, promotion and future leaders by assessing your talent with Cangrade's assessment.

Build employee retention before you hire