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Talent Screening & Hiring Solutions

Skills Assessments

Evaluate critical on-the-job hard skills with our pre-employment skills tests.

Cangrade's skill testing helps you probe candidate's hard skills

Assess on-the-job knowledge

Require specific hard skills from day one? Our skills assessments complement our psychometric pre-hire assessment to help you hire the perfect candidate. Our library assesses over 100 job-specific skills, proficiency in 30 languages, computer skills, reasoning, and more.

100+ hard skills tests

Assess candidates on over 100 hard skills from our assessment library.

30+ languages

Match your skills testing to the primary language candidates will need proficiency in.


Automatic grading

Let our technology determine candidate fit for you with an easy-to-read score.

Recruiter dashboard

Compare candidate results to quickly move talent through your pipeline.

Cangrade's hiring solutions include a library of hard skills tests or we can create custom job assessments just for your needs.

Customize skills testing to your needs

Need more than one hard assessment test to determine fit? Assign a battery of assessments to understand candidates’ capabilities for multiple skills. Need something tailored to your role? Work with our team to create an assessment specific to your needs.

Assessment batteries

Assign candidates multiple assessments instantly and automatically.

Custom questions

Probe candidates with questions specific to your role and business.

Custom assessments

Create and update your assessment no matter what talent data you have.

Talent branding

Match our skills tests to your employment brand with custom colors and logos.

Decrease time-to-hire with automated skills testing

Assign a single hard skills test or a battery of assessments without lifting a finger. Our hiring automation helps your recruiters keep candidates moving through the pipeline without taking up bandwidth.

Leverage Cangrade's automation to easily assign hard skills tests and decrease your time-to-hire.

Hiring automation

Set up workflows to move candidates through your pipeline just like you would and notify your recruiters on candidate completion.

Candidate messaging

Invite candidates to your hard skills tests, update them on the hiring process, and automate reminder messages.

Cangrade's hard skills testing helps you objectively assess candidate fit

Stay compliant and reduce bias with objective hiring criteria

Fairly test candidates on the hard skills they need to succeed. By establishing objective hiring criteria, testing candidates only on relevant skills, and assessing candidates uniformly with our psychometric and hard skills testing you avoid the bias that creeps into subjective hiring processes.

ADA compliant

Deliver hard skills testing that is accessible to anyone.

EEOC compliant

Protect more groups than EEOC requires with our assessment software.


Assess candidates on hard skills objectively to ensure a level playing field.

Simplify with skills tests integrated into your ATS

Create one source of truth for your team. Access the results of any of our skills tests in the platform of your choice with our ATS and HRIS integrations. Streamlining your operations and simplifying recruiters’ day-to-day.

Integrate Cangrade's hard skills tests into your hiring process with one of our many ATS and HRIS integrations

Integrations library

Unify your hiring data and processes with one of our existing integrations.

Custom integrations

Partner with us to build a new integration to your existing ATS or HRIS.

Cangrade's Hard Skills Test and Hiring and Talent Management Solutions Customers

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Narrow your talent pool quickly and easily.

Reference Checking

Automate your reference checking for better insights.

 Discover which of our pre-employment skills tests are a fit for your role