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Reference Checking

Save time and prevent turnover with Cangrade’s reference checking software.

Cangrade's Reference Checking Software

Simplify reference checking with automation

Automate your reference checking process with Cangrade’s reference checking software. Automatically ask candidates for their references at the right time in your hiring process, contact references and collect their responses, and get notified that your candidates’ references are ready to review.

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Cangrade's reference checking software displays an easy-to-read score and report

Gather the data you need to make the right hire every time

See how well-recommended your candidates’ are and confirm employment dates with one easy-to-read score and report. Structured reference collection, plus customizable and open comment fields, ensure you get the insights you need into job-critical skills and past performance to prevent mis-hires.

Make reference checking even more useful

Go beyond confirming basic employment details by tying reference checking results to hiring quality. Our reference survey collects feedback on the skills most indicative of employee success, so you can ensure your next hire has what it takes to thrive.

Cangrade's reference checker collects feedback on skills most relevant to success
Cangrade's reference checking software survey is only 2 minutes long and available 24/7

Reduce time-to-hire and hassle

Stop waiting around to schedule reference calls and send email reminders. Our reference checking software is available 24/7, so your team can request references when they need them, and reference givers can respond to our 2-minute, mobile-friendly survey quickly and easily.

Prevent turnover with reputable, candid feedback

Avoid fraudulent references and collect more candid feedback than on a phone call to ensure your candidates have what it takes to succeed and thrive. Our simple reference checker survey encourages more thorough and honest feedback, and our algorithm detects duplicate IPs to catch fraudulent responses.

Collect more candid feedback with our Reference Checking software
Integrate Cangrade's Reference Checking software reports into your existing ATS and hiring process.

Integrate reference insights where you need them

Share reference responses with your hiring team and managers where they need them. Log into Cangrade to view digital reference check reports or download and email PDF copies. Or integrate candidates’ reference reports directly into your ATS – it’s up to you.

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