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Sales Recruitment

Sales hiring that drives revenue

Assess fit efficiently and without bias with Cangrade’s hiring assessment and solutions.

Leverage Cangrade's pre-hire assessments and hiring solutions to make sales hires that drive revenue
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Identify talent that sells

Uncover the sales talent in your pipeline that is most likely to succeed. Cangrade’s hiring assessments predict candidate success 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods and test the hard skills they need from day one.

Cangrade's pre-hire assessment assesses candidates in less than 14 minutes

Speed up sales recruitment

Reduce your time-to-hire while improving your quality of hire using Cangrade’s hiring solutions and automation. Assess candidates’ soft and hard skills, then automatically video interview and reference check your candidates based on your custom criteria, so you make the right sales hires quickly.

Prove the ROI of your sales hiring

Tie your sales KPIs to your sales recruitment efforts. Cangrade’s hiring assessment for sales uses AI to identify the soft skills that drive results at your organization, then predicts the candidates that have what it takes to succeed and the results they’ll drive, making proving the ROI of HR simple.

Cangrade's pre-hire assessments and hiring solutions help your sales hiring and recruitment drive ROI
Upskill your sales hires to ensure you get the most from your sales recruitment efforts

Develop your sales hires

Know where your sales candidates need upskilling before you hire. Cangrade’s candidate reports give your team insights into development opportunities and how to address them, and then our development content helps you fill the gaps.

Reduce bias to open up your talent pool

Ensure your sales hiring decisions are objective and fair with Cangrade’s patented bias-free pre-hire assessment for sales. With a bias-free sales recruitment process you’ll evaluate talent based on potential, not pedigree, opening up your talent pool.

Make your sales hiring and recruitment process bias-free with Cangrade's hiring assessment and solutions
Cangrade's library of integrations ensures your sales hiring and recruitment process is streamlined and efficient

Streamline your HR tech stack

Integrate Cangrade into your existing HR tech stack with one of our many ATS and HRIS integrations. With Cangrade’s easy customization, you’ll get exactly what you need to level up your sales recruitment.

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Drive better results with your sales recruitment