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Enable employee mobility

Hiring solutions for successful internal hiring and lateral moves.

Cangrade's hiring assessment and solution customers see a faster time-to-hire

Place your talent in the right role at the right time

Uncover the perfect fit for internal candidates with our assessment and multi-way scoring. With an easy-to-interpret fit score, you’ll know just how likely your talent is to thrive in their role. And with multi-way scoring, you’ll be able to see if there’s a better fit for them elsewhere, without their needing to take another assessment.

Enable employee mobility and internal hiring with Cangrade's multi-way scoring as part of Cangrade's pre-hire assessment.
Set employees up for future success and learn what makes your talent tick to build employee mobility with Cangrade's hiring solutions and pre-hire assessment.

Set employees up for future success

Learn what makes your talent tick with our candidate reports. Leverage insights into candidates’ strengths, development opportunities, and career motivations to build employee mobility and make the right internal hiring decisions. Then share tailored coaching tips with managers to ensure your employee starts their new role on the right foot.

Build teams that stay

Set employees up to be happy and thrive in their roles by understanding how likely they are to succeed and stay before a lateral career move or promotion. Once they’re in their new position, utilize the insights from their candidate report to fuel their career development and keep them engaged.

Make the right internal hiring and lateral move decisions with Cangrade's Pre-Hire Assessments and hiring solutions.
Cangrade's pre-hire assessment measures 50 variables to accurately predict success for internal hires and lateral moves.

Assess your team fairly

Avoid bias, favoritism, and the Peter Principle by using the same assessment to predict candidate success for external and internal hires. Cangrade’s patented bias-free technology ensures your internal hiring process is fair and equitable.

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Power up your internal hiring today with Cangrade’s hiring solutions