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Talent Screening & Hiring

Pre-Hire Assessments

Make the right hire every time with Cangrade’s psychometric assessment.

Cangrade's psychometric pre-hire assessment evaluates your candidates efficiently and accurately.

Customize your pre-hire assessment to your needs

Reject one-size fits all pre-hire tests. We custom-create and validate a success model for every role you hire for, ensuring that we identify the best candidates for your company, team, and position. Leverage our ethical AI or workplace experts to get started. 

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Cangrade's pre-employment assessment gives recruiters an easy to use score

Predict future performance accurately

Predict your candidates’ likelihood to succeed and stay 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods with our pre-employment assessment. Candidate results are delivered as an easy-to-interpret fit score with insights into strengths, development opportunities, and career motivations, helping narrow your talent pool efficiently and effectively.

Build your talent brand with our assessment experience

Improve your candidate experience and completion rates. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment takes only 14 minutes, can be completed on any device, and delivers candidates insights into their strengths and development opportunities.

Cangrade's pre-hire assessment assesses candidates in less than 14 minutes
Cangrade's pre-hire test builds diversity with our patented bias-removal technology

Foster diversity with our patented technology

Remove bias from your hiring process confidently. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment leverages our patented process for bias removal. We protect more groups than EEOC requires, are ADA-compliant, and are transparent in our use of AI, so you know your talent screening process is equitable.

Streamline hiring with our integrations

Consolidate your talent data with a dozen ATS and HRIS integrations and counting. Integrating Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment is easy and delivers your recruiters the candidate insights they need when and where they need them and a positive experience for your candidates.

Cangrade's pre-hire assessment integrates with over adozen ATS and HIRS
Cangrade's pre-employment test shows candidate fit for multiple open positions with just one assessment

Build your talent pool with multi-way scoring

Understand candidates’ fit for all your open positions, not just the one to which they applied with Cangrade’s multi-way scoring. Just one pre-hire assessment identifies how an applicant’s strengths and development priorities match up with all open roles, helping you find the perfect fit for all the top talent in your pool.

Optimize your hiring with reporting

Uncover insights into where, when, and how your candidates are completing their pre-hire tests with Cangrade’s reporting. Giving you data you can’t get elsewhere to decrease your time to hire, increase hiring assessment completion rates, and optimize your talent sourcing.

Improve your hiring process by leveraging data you cannot get elsewhere from Cangrade's Candidate Flow Report

How does it work?

How Cangrade's Pre-Hire Assessment works

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Narrow your talent pool quickly and easily.

Reference Checking

Automate your reference checking for better insights.

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