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Campus Recruitment

Campus hiring based on potential, not pedigree

Make campus hiring efficient, effective, and engaging with Cangrade.

Cangrade's hiring assessments and HR software for campus hiring and recruitment
Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and hiring solution customers

Hire high-potential graduates with the skills you need

Know your campus hires will have what it takes to thrive without relying on credentials. Cangrade’s AI predicts candidate success 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods and delivers candidate insights on strengths, development opportunities, and motivations, so you make the best campus hiring decisions.

Retain your new campus hires with Cangrade's hiring assessments and solutions for campus hiring and recruitment

Retain your new campus hires

Identify the soft skills that drive employee success for your specific professional role and organization and the candidates that have them. Cangrade’s AI predicts candidate success 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods and predicts the results your professional hiring efforts will drive, making proving ROI simple.

Expand your campus recruitment efficiently

Replace career fair interviews with Cangrade’s assessment to increase your talent pool without more bandwidth. Students can complete Cangrade’s assessment anytime anywhere to increase the reach of your campus hiring while you quickly identify graduate talent with the skills needed to thrive.

Cangrade's pre-hire assessment assesses candidates in less than 14 minutes so you can expand your campus recruitment and hiring efforts
Create an engaging campus hiring and recruitment process with Cangrade's highly-rating talent assessment and HR software

Deliver an engaging campus hiring process

Keep your campus recruitment engaging with a personalized, fast-moving, automated hiring process. Cangrade’s candidate experience is mobile-friendly, customizable, and ADA-compliant, earning us a 98% candidate rating.

Build personalized development and internal mobility

Know where new graduates need upskilling before you hire with our candidate reports and assign them onboarding and development materials from our development library to fill any gaps. Then with our multi-way scoring, you can identify when your new grad hires are ready for a lateral move or promotion without another assessment.

Predict fit for internal moves with Cangrade's assessment and hiring solutions for campus hiring and recruitment
Cangrade removes your chance of making biased campus hiring and recruitment decisions

Screen your graduate talent without bias

Fairly assess your campus candidates with Cangrade’s structured interview process and patented bias-free technology to build a broader, diverse talent pool. With an equitable campus hiring experience, you’ll ensure you don’t accidentally screen out your next CEO.

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