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Talent Management

Talent Management Solutions

Retain and strengthen your talent with Cangade’s retention and Workforce Development tools.

Cangrade's Talent Management Solutions
Cangrade's talent management solution customers

Reduce attrition before it’s a problem

Start building retention before you hire by hiring talent who will be successful and engaged. Our Pre-Hire Assessments and Retention Forecast predict your next loyal, top performers so you reduce false starts and rehiring by finding the right fit the first time. Then let our employee development solution keep employees learning and engaged.

Use our talent management solutions to choose the right person for the role, team, or department.

Make strategic talent decisions

Leverage data to place talent in the right roles, teams, and departments.

Our talent assessment identifies strengths and skills gaps, predicts engagement, and pinpoints motivations, so your team has the data they need to place employees in lateral or higher-level positions and make smart talent management decisions.

Optimize your team with tailored employee development

Know exactly how to lead your team to success.

Arm your employees and their managers with insights into skills gaps, development recommendations, and suggested training activities and content from our talent management solutions to continuously optimize your team’s performance.

Cangrade's talent management solutions uncovers your employees strengths, developmental priorities and motivations so you can assess their fit for a new role.

Cangrade’s Talent Management Solutions


Hire candidates who will stay.


Manage talent for internal moves.


Train and develop your employees.

How does it work?

How Cangrade's talent management solution (workforce development software) works

Start building a stronger workforce with our talent management solutions today.