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Hire top talent, fast

Decrease time-to-hire with Cangrade’s hiring solutions

Narrow your talent pool, quickly

Create a replicable, efficient hiring process that frees up recruiter time with Cangrade’s solutions. Our Pre-Hire Assessments instantly deliver Fit Scores and candidate insights to your hiring team, so you’re able to make the right talent decisions with speed.

Narrow your talent pool, quickly and efficiently with Cangrade's Pre Hire Assessment increasing your hiring efficiency
Build your talent brand automatically and offer your candidates a stand out experience with Cangrade to make your hiring more efficient.

Build your talent brand automatically

Give candidates an outstanding experience without recruiter involvement. Our assessment can be taken on any device in less than 14 minutes and provides instant feedback to candidates, making your hiring process even more efficient. 

”I found the questions that make up the ‘Strength Report’ very interesting and introspective. The results of the Strength Report and “advice “ following each strength were also helpful and well worded. I appreciate that, and it made it feel more personal and relatable.” – Jennifer Ryan

It’s simple and intuitive.”  – Johann Comboigo

Centralize your hiring process

Streamline your hiring strategy and your team’s ability to hire candidates who will succeed and stay. Our ATS and HRIS integrations consolidate your candidate information in one place and provide a seamless, positive candidate experience to increase your hiring efficiency.

Integrating with Cangrade allows you to increase hiring efficiency and your team’s ability to hire candidates who will succeed and stay.
Cangrade's solutions keep your pipeline moving, automates candidates efficiently, and free's up recruiter time to increase your hiring efficiency.

Keep your pipeline moving

Automate time-consuming hiring tasks to free up your resources for more important things. Cangrade’s hiring automation moves candidates through your pipeline and communicates with candidates efficiently so your team can focus elsewhere.

Dig deeper with ease

Learn more about your top candidates objectively and without the hassle of scheduling. Powered by candidates’ Pre-Hire Assessment responses, our automated Video Interviews generate bias-free structured interview questions that are tailored to the soft skills that drive success in your role.

Increase your hiring efficiency, dig deeper with ease, and learn more about your top candidates with our automated Video Interviewing.
Avoid rehiring and reduce false starts. by hiring the right candidate from the start with Cangrade's Retention Forecast.

Avoid rehiring

Reduce false starts and rehiring by finding the right fit the first time. Cangrade’s Retention Forecast predicts which candidates are most likely to succeed and stay at your organization without any additional assessments.

Make the right hiring decisions efficiently with Cangrade