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Founded in science

Our assessment’s beginnings

Our science team waded through decades of research on personality, motivation, aptitude, job performance, and job satisfaction to pinpoint the most robust predictors of job performance and satisfaction.

We discovered that all of these strong predictors were personality traits and soft skills. The next step was figuring out the right questions to ask to make sure our measurements were both valid and reliable.

After years of extensive testing across millions of data points from thousands of organizations, we’ve honed in on the key questions that needed to be asked to assess each of our 50 personality traits and soft skills.

Our analytic approach

Every person has a unique set of characteristics that make them successful and happy in a job. Each job has a unique set of characteristics that make people happy and successful in it. But these qualities and characteristics don’t occur in a vacuum. They exist together in a messy combination, interacting to produce outcomes. 

Our AI algorithms account for these interactions by seeking holistic fit. They use a heuristic approach, simulating complex human analysis strategies using cutting edge Machine Learning techniques, to continuously optimize models that produce success.

How It Works

How Our Analytic Strategy Works
We leverage employee data and 50 psychometric traits to develop custom success models that accurately predict candidate success.

We use science to do what’s right

To us, that means:

Our Success Model process

We partner with every organization, on every role, to create a unique Workforce Success Profile that describes the traits and soft skills an employee needs to have to be successful. This profile is then used to create a Success Model that scores all your candidates on job fit by assessing the likelihood of them becoming your next high performer.

Your Workforce Success Profiles can be created either by using Cangrade’s AI technology that leverages the KPIs you care about most or by using your own internal experts that leverage their experience nurturing and recruiting talent.

Our predictive powers

Our AI-powered success models predict candidate success up to 10x more accurately than any traditional hiring method.

The Validity of Cangrade's Pre-Hire Assessments
Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments are the most dependable method of predicting employee success.
Chance of Biased Recommendations
Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments have no adverse impact.

Our approach to eliminating bias

Most assessments have bias baked in. We ensure equality in our assessments with rigorously controlled science. Every item, scale, and model we create has no statistically significant adverse impact on any legally protected demographic group.

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