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Video Interviews

Dig deeper into candidates’ backgrounds with our video interviewing software.

Cangrade's video interviewing software helps you dig deeper into candidates' backgrounds

Keep your talent pipeline moving with video interviews

Invite candidates to record video responses, then review when it works for you in one easy location with prompts for scores and notes. Plus, our automation can invite your candidates with the highest fit scores on your Pre-Hire Assessment to video interview without additional effort.

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Cangrade's video interviewing software includes video introductions that improve your talent brand and candidate experience

Customize video interviewing to your hiring needs

Personalize your video interview experience without bias. Cangrade’s structured interview questions are generated based on candidates’ Pre-Hire Assessment results and the needs of your open role. Tailor your video interviewing further by adding custom questions.

Build diverse teams with confidence

Level the playing field and eliminate bias with our video interviewing software’s structured format. Plus, pre-recorded responses allow you to increase the number of reviewers to benefit from a wider variety of feedback on each candidate’s fit.

Use Cangrade's structured video interviewing to eliminate bias from hiring decisions
Cangrade's video interviewing software helps your team collaborate on hiring decisions without meetings.

Collaborate on video interviewing decisions

Build a consensus on candidates without meetings. With Cangrade’s video interviewing software, each member of your hiring team can score candidate responses, note their feedback, and answer colleagues in real time, aligning your team on each hiring decision.

Showcase your talent brand

Let your company culture shine with introduction videos. With our video interviewing software, you can upload videos for all your open roles. Helping you promote your organization’s culture and values, and share more about the position to build your employment brand.

Upload video introductions to Cangrade's video interviewing software to showcase your talent brand

How does it work?

How Cangrade's Video Interviewing software works

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