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Talent Acquisition

Assessments and Hiring Solutions

Hire the right fit the first time with Cangrade’s hiring assessments, video interviewing, and reference checking.

Cangrade's Talent Screening and Hiring Solutions include hiring assessments, video interviewing software, skills tests, structured interview guide software, and reference checking software
Cangrade's talent screening and hiring solution customers

Find the rockstars in your talent pool

We go further than finding candidates who will succeed. We find the ones that will thrive and drive results.

Narrow your talent pool to candidates with the soft and hard skills your specific role needs with our customizable Pre-Hire Assessment, Skills Tests, Structured Interview Guides and Video Interviews. Then verify that they have what it takes with our automated Reference Checking so that you make the right hire the first time.

Cangrade's hiring solutions integrate into your hiring process, and are 10x more accurate than traditional hiring methods at predicting candidate success.

Hire top talent fast with instant insights

Integrate instant, data-backed candidate insights and hiring automation into your hiring process to keep your pipeline moving. With Cangrade’s hiring solutions, pre-employment assessments, automation, and integrations it’s easy to create an efficient talent screening process that frees up recruiter time.

Leave bias behind with our patented technology

Build a diverse and inclusive team by determining candidates’ fit based on their skills, not credentials. Cangrade’s talent screening and hiring solutions are free of adverse impact on any group, ADA-compliant, and accessible from any device, so your chance of making a biased hiring decision is reduced to 0%.

Cangrade's hiring solutions support diversity in your hiring funnel by removing implicit bias. Plus they're ADA-compliant and accessible from any device.
Cangrade's hiring solutions integrate into your hiring process, and are 10x more accurate than traditional hiring methods at predicting candidate success.

Give your candidates a standout assessment experience

Our 14-minute Pre-Hire Assessment can be completed on any device or browser. Plus it delivers instant feedback on candidates’ core strengths, areas for growth, and top motivation on completion, earning us a 98% candidate satisfaction rating. Who doesn’t like to learn what their real superpower is?

Maximize candidate success and results with strategic insights

With insights into candidates’ development priorities from our Pre-Hire Assessment and hard skills tests, you’ll know where candidates need extra onboarding support and upskilling before they start. So you close skill gaps quickly and maximize ROI.

Cangrade's hiring solutions help you set your candidates up for success with insights into development priorities from our hiring assessments.

Cangrade’s Talent Screening and Hiring Solutions

Job Description Decoder

Uncover the soft skills your candidates need, for free.

Pre-Hire Assessments

Identify your top talent in less than 14 minutes.


Assess candidates on the hard skills they need to succeed.

Interview Guides

Evaluate talent efficiently, thoroughly, and objectively.

Video Interviews

Narrow your talent pool quickly and easily.

Reference Checking

Automate your reference checking for better insights.

How do our hiring solutions work?

How Cangrade's talent screening and hiring solutions work

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