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Talent Management

Workforce Development

Empower your team with our employee training and development software.

Cangrade's employee training and development software

Fuel ongoing employee development with data-backed insights

Empower your managers with data on each employee’s strengths and development opportunities. Then maximize each team member’s potential with personalized, ongoing development recommendations targeted to those growth areas with our employee training software.

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Assign development activities and courses from Cangrade's employee training and development software to strengthen your team

Upskill with recommended activities and content

Assign unique training paths that include coaching tips, activities, and coursework from our employee development software to address skills gaps and foster continuous learning. Then track completion and measure the impact on performance.

Identify new hire training needs and act immediately

Know what training new hires need from day one. Our employment assessment identifies new hire development priorities, then our employee development software delivers tailored coaching tips, suggested training activities, and development content to drive new hire success.

Leverage insights from our pre-hire assessment to inform your new hire training and development then deliver training with our employee development software
Make the right internal hires with Cangrade’s talent management solutions

Identify the best fit for promotions and lateral moves

Build your leadership pipeline and make successful lateral moves with predictions of internal hires’ success. Cangrade’s patented bias-free technology ensures you make the right hiring decision every time and that your process is fair and equitable.

Optimize your team for maximum efficiency and performance

Pinpoint what motivates your team, what makes it high performing, and where they can improve as a group. With data on team-level career motivations, strengths, and development opportunities, you can make informed development decisions to craft a high-performing team.

Leverage team-level data from Cangrade’s talent management solutions to optimize your team’s performance.

How does it work?

How Cangrade's employee training and development software works
Our assessment and employee development solutions pinpoint and address your team’s development priorities.

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Identify your top talent in less than 14 minutes.


Assess candidates on the hard skills they need.


Narrow your talent pool quickly and easily.

Reference Checking

Automate references for better insights.

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