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Volume hiring made easy

Make the right talent decisions, fast. No matter how many open roles you have.

Cangrade's hiring assessment and solution customers see a faster time-to-hire

Narrow your pipeline efficiently

Predict candidate success and retention 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods, with 0% bias using Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments. With an easy-to-interpret Fit Score and insights into talent’s strengths and weaknesses, we ensure that volume hiring means making the right talent decisions quickly.

Cangrade's talent screening and hiring solutions predict candidate success 10x more accurately than traditional methods to make volume hiring easy.
Automate your volume hiring strategy with Cangrade's talent screening and hiring solutions.

Keep talent moving

Pair Cangrade’s hiring solutions with our automation to build a powerful hiring engine that keeps your pipeline moving. Decide when to leverage your team and when to let data do the talking so you maintain control.

Assess hard skills easily

Discover if your candidates have the hard skills it takes with our library of skills tests. Automatically send candidates your required tests and receive their scores, speeding up your time-to-hire without sacrificing finding the perfect fit.

Increase volume hiring efficiency by hiring the right fit candidate the first time with Cangrade's hard skills assessments and hiring solutions.
Deliver a great candidate experience no matter your hiring volume with Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and hiring solutions.

Make a great impression

“This is the best assessment I’ve ever done.” – Christina S.

Make volume hiring feel personal. Assess candidates in under 14 minutes on the device of their choice. Then automatically deliver personalized feedback on candidates’ strengths, development opportunities, and career motivations.

Avoid churn and rehiring

Keep your closed roles closed. With accurate predictions of candidate success and retention and candidate insights that go deeper than a resume, your team will have the data they need to make the right hire the first time, no matter your hiring volume.

Reduce rehiring with Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and hiring solutions
Cangrade's video interviewing software makes volume hiring easy.

Dig deeper automatically

Hone in on your top candidates at scale with one-way video interviews. Using our structured interview guides and your custom questions, our video interviews automatically probe candidates’ strengths and weaknesses, making volume hiring fast and easy.

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Make your volume hiring easy and accurate today