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Fill your remote roles with candidates who will thrive

Make your remote recruitment easy and effective.

Cangrade's hiring assessment and solution customers see a faster time-to-hire

Find the perfect fit for any location

No matter if you’re hiring for remote, hybrid, or in-person work environments, Cangrade’s hiring solutions fill your roles with the right talent. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment identifies the candidates who have what it takes to succeed in your specific role and work environment and can be taken on any device, anywhere.

Recruit the perfect remote talent by identifying which work environment a candidate will succeed in with Cangrade's Pre-Hire Assessment.
Retain your top talent by finding which candidate will succeed and stay with Cangrade's Retention Forecast and make your virtual recruitment easy.

Retain your top talent

Find the candidates in your talent pool who will thrive remotely. Cangrade’s Retention Forecast predicts a candidate’s likelihood to stay in your role, making remote recruitment easy and reducing false starts and rehiring by finding the right fit the first time.

Set remote hires up for success 

Arm your managers with insights into candidates before they start. Cangrade’s candidate reports share remote hires’ top strengths, development priorities, and career motivations to help your management teams develop remote onboarding and upskilling plans that guarantee candidate success.

Set remote hires up for success with Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and hiring solutions that share key insights for candidate success.
Dive into your top candidates' backgrounds with Cangrade's Video Interview software for convenient remote recruitment.

Dive into candidates’ backgrounds remotely 

Cangrade’s Video Interviews streamline remote recruitment by digging deeper into your top candidates’ backgrounds without the hassle of scheduling. Our technology automatically generates objective, bias-free structured interview questions specific to the skills that drive success in your role, so you find the right remote hires quickly.

Hone in on hard skills 

Ensure your top talent has the right soft and hard skills they need to succeed with Cangrade’s skills tests. Our library of hard skills assessments easily integrates into your virtual recruitment process, saving your hiring team time and helping you make the right remote hires. Don’t see the assessment you need? Ask about our custom assessments.

Ease your remote recruitment by ensuring your remote talent has the right soft and hard skills they need to succeed with Cangrade’s skills tests and hiring solutions.

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