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First-rate candidate experiences

Exceed applicants’ expectations with Cangrade’s hiring solutions

Experience our candidate experience

Cangrade's hiring solutions have a 98% candidate satisfaction rating for their candidate experience

Take our assessment for a test drive and discover why we have a 98% candidate satisfaction rating, no strings attached. 

Cangrade's hiring assessment and solution customers see a stronger candidate experience that drive results

Upgrade your candidate experience

Make a good impression with your hiring experience. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment takes only 14 minutes, is mobile-friendly, and delivers candidates instant insights into their strengths and development opportunities.

See why Cangrade's candidate experience has a 98% candidate satisfaction rating
Create a custom candidate experience for your candidates with Cangrade's hiring assessments and solutions.

Stay true to your employment brand

Match your hiring experience to your talent brand. Our hiring and talent management solutions are white-label, so our tools look like your company. And with video introductions, you can showcase your culture throughout your candidates’ experience.

What our candidates are saying

Quick & easy assessment…. hit everything on the mark. Coming from a professional background that employs assessments such as these, I found this one quick and accurate.”

– Rachel Cary

The Strength Report was spot on. I felt it described me nearly perfectly. Many of these exams are repetitive and there’s no real personal touch to them, but this one was different, it did have a personal tone to the questions.

– Shannon Coleman

I love the fact that at the end of the assessment it tells you your strongest points and even gives you advice. That is awesome! I love that it’s very motivating!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍”

– Jennifer Bishop

Deliver accessibility for everyone

Give your applicants equal footing. Our assessment can be completed on any device, is ADA-compliant, and leverages our patented process for bias removal so your candidate experience fosters diversity throughout.

Deliver an accessible candidate experience with Cangrade's hiring and talent management solutions
Deliver a candidate experience that can't be cheated with Cangrade's hiring and assessment solutions

Make your screening uncheatable

Get a genuine prediction of candidate fit. Our assessment randomizes question order, flags long completion times, leverages custom success profiles for every role, employs IP checking, and is soft skills based so there is no answer key. Plus, ChatGPT can’t crack through to be a top candidate – on average, it only scores a 42.

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