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Confidently build DE&I

Prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in your hiring with Cangrade.

Cangrade's hiring assessment and solution customers see a faster time-to-hire

Drive diversity in recruitment

Removing unconscious bias from the candidate selection process is at the core of Cangrade’s hiring solutions. Our patented bias-free technology ensures that no EEOC-protected group has an advantage or disadvantage, helping you build diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the hiring process. 

Cangrade's bias-free talent screening and hiring technology drives diversity, equity and inclusion.
Cangrade's patented hiring technology ensures 0% bias so you drive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I)

Lean on patented, ethical AI

Cangrade goes beyond removing bias through structured, objective screening processes that drive diversity in recruitment. Cangrade holds the only patent for removing bias from AI, which ensures our assessment has no adverse impact on any group and protects more groups than EEOC compliance requires.

Use ADA-compliant diversity solutions

Cangrade’s hiring solutions level the playing field for all your candidates to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our assessment is designed to be accessible for any person with visual impairment and assess candidates of all abilities without bias.

Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments are ADA compliant helping HR teams hire equitably and build diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I)
Drive your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) with Cangrade's objective Video Interviewing software and hiring solutions.

Interview objectively

Our Video Interviews and structured interview guides allow you to dig deeper into your top candidates objectively. Powered by candidates’ Pre-Hire Assessment responses, our technology automatically generates bias-free structured interview questions that are tailored to the soft skills that drive success in your role.

Assess hard skills fairly

Leverage our skills assessments to ensure your top candidates have the hard skills it takes to succeed in your open roles. Choose from our library of assessments or create a custom assessment to start assessing your applicants equitably.

Assess your candidates hard skills with Cangrade's hard skill tests to build your diversity, equity, and inclusion hiring efforts.

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