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Hourly Recruitment

Fast hourly hiring with retention in mind

Fill your hourly roles efficiently with talent that will succeed and stay with Cangrade.

Cangrade's hiring assessments and HR software for hourly hiring and recruitment
Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and hiring solution customers

 Reclaim your time from hourly hiring

Find the right talent to fill your open roles instantly with Cangrade’s hiring assessments, video interviews, reference checking, and automation. Our hiring solutions find your next hourly hires and automatically move them through your recruitment process to close your open roles quickly.

Make high-quality, fast hourly hiring and recruitment decisions with Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and HR software.

Identify top talent instantly

Automatically grade candidates’ fit with our soft skill and hard skill assessments for hourly employees. Our AI predicts candidates fit 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods, so you know your new hires will succeed.

Reduce turnover in your hourly hires, fast

Predict the candidates who will thrive and stay in your open roles with Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment with Retention Forecast. Our assessment identifies what drives employee success and retention at your organization and pinpoints the candidates with what it takes, reducing attrition and false starts.

Cangrade's pre-hire assessment assesses candidates in less than 14 minutes so you make the right hourly hiring and recruitment decisions the first time.
Build an engaging hourly hiring and recruitment experience with Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and hiring solutions

Engage your candidates and improve offer acceptance

Keep your candidates engaged in your hourly recruitment process with a personalized, fast-moving, automated hiring process. Cangrade’s mobile-friendly and ADA-compliant candidate experience has earned us a 98% candidate rating.

Maximize your talent pool

Make the most of your candidate pool. Cangrade’s multi-way scoring identifies candidates’ potential fit across all your open roles and our patented bias-free technology removes bias from your hourly recruitment, so your talent pool expands and so do candidates’ opportunities.

Maximize the number of hourly candidates in your talent pool with Cangrade's hiring assessments and solutions
Cangrade's hiring and talent management solutions narrow down your applicant pool so you make efficient and effective hourly hiring and recruitment decisions.

Modernize your hourly hiring process

Assess fit with soft and hard skills tests, keep candidates updated with automated texts and emails, and dig deeper into backgrounds with one-way video interviews and reference checking. Then optimize your hourly hiring process and pipeline with reports.

Have other hiring challenges?

Revolutionize your hourly hiring with Cangrade