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Job Description Decoder

Discover the soft skills your hires need to succeed in your open roles, for free.

Job Description Decoder

Understand the soft skills powering your job description

With a quick survey, our technology reveals which soft skills your candidates need to thrive in your open role. Use our insights to attract the right talent, pinpoint and hire your top candidates, and build a stronger pipeline. For free.

With just a quick survey, you can identify what your candidates need to succeed and start hiring for soft skills.

How Job Description Decoder Works

Start hiring for soft skills by answering our quick survey about your open position. We’ll automatically send you the soft skills to look for in your candidates and the language to use in your job ad to attract them. Get started below.

Uncover the soft skills your candidates need

Why hire for soft skills?

Cangrade's Job Description Decoder helps you start hiring for soft skills for free.
Start hiring for soft skills using Cangrade's Job Description Decoder and Pre-Hire Assessment

Start narrowing your talent pool quickly with Cangrade

Use your Job Description Decoder results to start leveraging our Pre-Hire Assessments quickly. Our assessment helps you hire the perfect fit efficiently and accurately but provides a positive candidate experience by maintaining your talent brand and giving applicants with valuable feedback.

Start hiring for soft skills today

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