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Job Description Decoder

Discover the soft skills your candidates need for free

Job Description Decoder

Understand the soft skills powering your job description

Use our insights to refine your job ad, build a stronger pipeline, hone your interview process, and make the right hire. For free.

How it Works

Answer our quick survey about the requirements for your open position. Based on your responses, we’ll automatically share the soft skills you should look for in your candidates to make a successful hire and the language to use in your job ad to attract them. To start, simply fill out the form below.

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Why look for soft skills?

Job Description Decoder - Why Soft Skills

Start narrowing your talent pool quickly with Cangrade

Use your Job Description Decoder results to populate a custom Success Model and roll out our Pre-Hire Assessments quickly. Our solutions not only help you hire the perfect fit efficiently and accurately, but provide a positive candidate experience by maintaining your talent brand and provide applicants with valuable feedback.

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