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Professional Recruitment

Data-backed professional hiring with real ROI

Hire the right fit efficiently and effectively with Cangrade.

Cangrade's hiring assessments and HR software for professional hiring and recruitment
Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and hiring solution customers

Find the perfect hire without sacrificing time-to-hire

Discover the soft skills that drive your top performers, then find the candidates who have them, instantly. Cangrade’s AI-based soft-skills assessment pinpoints your top candidates, then our hard skills tests measure their proficiency. Video interviews dig deeper into backgrounds, and reference checking verifies experience, automatically.

See how your professional hiring and recruitment can drive results with Cangrade's pre-hire assessment and hiring solutions

Drive results with your professional recruitment

Identify the soft skills that drive employee success for your specific professional role and organization and the candidates that have them. Cangrade’s AI predicts candidate success 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods and predicts the results your professional hiring efforts will drive, making proving ROI simple.

Retain your professional hires

Identify the candidates with the hard skills you need and the personality to thrive, and stay, in their role. Cangrade’s assessments arm your hiring team with a candidate fit score measuring their likelihood to succeed and stay in their role as well as insights into candidate strengths and opportunities, so you make professional hiring decisions that will perform and boost retention.

Cangrade's pre-hire assessment assesses candidates in less than 14 minutes so you make the right professional hiring and recruitment decisions every time
Predict success in lateral moves and promotions with Cangrade's solutions for professional hiring and recruitment

Develop your talent and internal mobility

Know where your professional hires need upskilling and reskilling before you hire with our candidate reports and assign them onboarding and development materials from our development library to fill any gaps. Then with our multi-way scoring, you can discover when employees are ready for their next move without any additional assessments.

Build a bigger talent pool with bias-free solutions

Remove bias from your professional recruitment with our patented bias-free technology to increase opportunities with screening based on potential not credentials and give candidates equal footing with a structured professional hiring process. 

Cangrade removes the chance of making biased professional hiring and recruitment decisions
Cangrade's library of integrations ensures your professional hiring and recruitment process is streamlined and efficient

Streamline your professional recruitment operations

Fuel your professional hiring with software that serves your whole talent lifecycle, automates manual processes, and integrates with any ATS or HRIS. Cangrade’s customizable and flexible assessments and solutions unify your tech stack and simplify professional recruitment operations.

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