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Build equity and strong teams with AI

Make the right talent decisions and maintain compliance with ethical AI

Identify the right talent fast with ethical AI

Improve the quality of your hires while being fair and compliant. Our ethical AI helps teams make equitable, data-backed talent decisions and leadership maintain compliance with AI regulations by leveraging our patented bias-removal process.

Identify the right talent fast with Cangrade's ethical AI

Foster diversity and maintain AI compliance


We explain our methodology clearly, so you know exactly what’s happening in your hiring process. Want to dig into the details?

View them in our patent


We integrate our patented bias removal process on three levels, only measure job-critical soft skills, and monitor for biases throughout the hiring cycle to ensure your hiring decisions are bias-free.


We follow current and upcoming, state and federal AI regulations, so your hiring practices always stay up-to-date.

Remove bias from hiring

Our AI protects more groups than EEOC’s current requirements, ensuring hiring equity now and in the future.

Cangrade's hiring solutions have a 0% chance of biased recommendations so you build a diverse team.
Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessments have no adverse impact.

Make better talent decisions

Measure talent’s likelihood to succeed based on data-driven predictions and the soft skills that lead to success, not credentials.

Back hiring decisions with data

Give your hiring team metrics they can use to make objective hiring decisions.

Back your hiring decisions with data with Cangrade's ethical AI

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