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Customer Service Recruitment

Customer service hires that stay and perform

Optimize your customer service hiring with Cangrade’s assessments and hiring solutions.

Leverage Cangrade's pre-hire assessments and hiring solutions to make customer service hiring decisions that perform
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Hire relationship-builders that drive results

Find the candidates with the soft skills to thrive in your organization – from multi-tasking and follow-through to emotional intelligence. Cangrade’s AI predicts candidate success 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods and delivers candidate insights on strengths, development opportunities, and motivations, so you make the right customer service hiring decisions every time.

Leverage Cangrade's hard skills tests to better your customer service hiring and recruitment

Get the hard skills you need from day one

Know your customer service hires have the hard skills your organization needs before they start with Cangrade’s hard skills assessments. Our skills test library includes over 100+ customizable assessments from customer service skills to tech proficiency, typing, and writing. Then leverage the results and our development coursework to tailor your onboarding and upskilling to build a quicker path to productivity.

Reduce false starts and attrition before you hire

Make customer service hiring decisions that drive retention with Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment with Retention Forecast. Our assessment identifies what drives employee retention in your customer service team, how to better engagement, and pinpoints the candidates that have what it takes, building loyalty and engagement while reducing attrition and false starts.

Build employee retention with Cangrade's hiring solutions for customer service recruitment
Cangrade's pre-hire assessment assesses candidates in less than 14 minutes to build a faster customer service hiring experience

Speed up customer service recruitment

Reduce your time-to-hire while improving your quality of hire. With Cangrade’s hiring solutions and automation, you can automatically assess candidates’ soft and hard skills, then video interview and reference check your candidates based on your organization’s criteria, so you make the right customer service hires fast.

Expand your talent pool without more recruiting

Make the most of your existing candidate pool. Cangrade’s multi-way scoring identifies candidates’ potential fit across all your open roles, expanding your candidates’ opportunities and your talent pool. And our patented bias-free technology removes bias from your customer service recruitment ensuring no qualified candidates are screened out.

Make the most of your customer service recruitment and hiring efforts with Cangrade's multi-way scoring. and bias-free hiring solutions.
Cangrade's library of integrations ensures your customer service hiring and recruitment process is streamlined and efficient

Streamline your customer service hiring operations

Enhance your whole talent lifecycle with one hiring solution that integrates with any ATS or HRIS and automates tedious hiring processes. Cangrade’s customizable and flexible assessments and hiring software unify your tech stack and simplify customer service recruitment operations.

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