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How Cangrade Works

Make your hiring and talent management decisions with data

Start with a solid foundation.

Success Model Creation

Accurately predict fit and retention

Find the best talent every time. Cangrade’s Success Models power our solutions and are created for your specific role and organization, so your candidates are assessed on what matters to your business. Partner with our team to generate your profile with AI technology that leverages quantitative KPIs or your own workplace experts who leverage qualitative insights.

Cangrade's suite of hiring and talent management tools includes Pre-Hire Assessments, Video Interview, and Workforce Development.

Interview with ease.

Pre-Hire Assessments

Efficiently screen talent

Measure 50 traits in 14 minutes on desktop or mobile. For each candidate, your Success Model generates a Fit Score based on their likelihood to succeed and stay in that particular role. Our simple, color-coded talent pipeline interface and insightful reports then helps you focus on your most promising candidates.

Cangrade's Pre-Hire Assessments efficiently identify your top talent.
Cangrade's Structured Interview Guides are included in our hiring solutions.

Structured Interview Guides

Objectively rate potential hires

Set your team up for objective hiring decisions and save them time. Once Cangrade has built your Success Model, it will automatically generate bias-free, personalized structured interview questions.

Video Interviews

Find the best fit, remotely

Create a bias-free, remote-friendly interview experience by having candidates pre-record video responses to your Structured Interview Guide. Then let your hiring teams review, collaborate, and comment when it works for their schedules.

Cangrade's Video Interviews help you dig deeper into candidate's backgrounds.

Then onboard, upskill, and grow your team.


Manage new hires into top performers

Leverage candidates’ Pre-Hire Assessment competencies and development priorities to customize your onboarding materials. Then easily upload and assign learning paths with our e-learning tool.


Strengthen and engage your workforce

Assess the strengths and development priorities of your workforce against your Success Model. Then leverage our coaching tips, motivations, and e-learning to upskill your workforce and track the results.

Employee Mobility

Make smart moves

Manage your talent by identifying the right fit for lateral moves and promotions using assessments. Assess potential fits, identify training needs, and leverage coaching tips to set employees up for success in their new role.

Continuously improve your Success Model and the quality of your hires.

Success Model Optimization

Continuously improve the quality of your hires

Measure the ROI and impact of your Pre-Hire Assessment against your workforce’s KPIs. Then, update your Success Model’s predictions with your latest data on employee and new hire success to make your predictions smarter and stronger every year.

Cangrade works with you to continuously improve your hiring and talent management results.

Ready to see how Cangrade can optimize your hiring and talent management?