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Fast, data-backed hiring
and talent management

Cangrade’s hiring and talent management solutions make talent decisions efficient, easy, and bias-free, from hiring through promotions.

Fast hiring without compromises.

Give your team talent data they can’t get anywhere else with Cangrade’s hiring and talent management solutions.

Integrate talent success and retention predictions from our pre-hire assessments into your existing hiring and talent management processes. Armed with the right data, your team will make successful talent decisions, and you’ll free up time to focus on the big picture.

Over 10 million pre-hire assessments given, 10x more accurate predictions of success, 27% increase in interview to offer ratio, 0% chance of bias, 96% candidate satisfaction

Cangrade’s Hiring and Talent Management Solutions

Talent Screening and Hiring Solutions

Hire candidates who will succeed and stay with our Pre-Hire Assessments, Skills Tests, Video Interviewing, and Reference Checking software.

Talent Management

Manage, engage, and upskill your talent strategically with our assessments, employee retention, and employee development software.

Make the right call, pre- and post-hire

Whether you’re trying to hire a unicorn or promote a leader, our patented, bias-free hiring and talent management solutions easily identify the soft skills needed to succeed and the talent that has what it takes. Our hiring assessments and solutions predict success up to 10x more accurately than any traditional hiring method, so you can be confident that you’re making the right call every time.

Our talent management and hiring solutions help you make the right call, every time.
Cangrade's hiring and talent management solutions narrow down your applicant pool

Hire efficiently, without cutting corners

Arm your team with instant insights into talent’s potential and likelihood to stay so they can narrow down your pool of applicants quickly and objectively with our pre-hire assessments and hiring solutions. With less time spent on monotonous resume screening and reference checking, your team can focus more on the human part of human resources.

Ditch biased talent decisions

Diversity drives business. Which is why our bias protections cover more protected groups than EEOC requires and they continue to grow. With our patented bias-free technology and ADA compliance, you have a 0% chance of making a biased hiring decision, so you can confidently build a diverse and inclusive team.

Our hiring and talent management solutions have a 0% chance of bias

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Fuel your hiring and talent management decisions with data