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Hello, we’re Cangrade

We promote job fit and employment equity so workers and companies thrive.

The Cangrade team at work

Our mission?

To provide the most accurate, reliable, and unbiased method of predicting workforce success.

How we got here



The spark

United by their frustration with hiring practices, our founders resolved to remove the biased and inaccurate decisions from talent acquisition.



Data, data, and more data

Together, they rolled out countless literature reviews, data collections, psychological studies, and algorithm implementations until they came up with what they thought might be the solution.



Cangrade is born

In 2014, this solution became known as Cangrade. And with the help of Techstars, our founders solidified its mission of creating an objective, data-driven, bias-free way to recruit employees.



Real results – $6M increase in revenue and a 19% reduction in turnover.

Cangrade drove results and converted the skeptics — their first Fortune 500 customer saw a $6M increase in revenue and a 19% reduction in turnover. Cangrade has focused on building the most accurate, reliable, and bias-free way to hire and manage talent ever since.

What we believe in

Do what’s right

We don’t take the easy path. We take the path that leads to the best outcomes for all – employers, employees, and job seekers.

Lead with data

We are a scientific bunch that charts our course based on research and evidence.

Pursue progress

We are innovators who are continuously improving – our products, our team, ourselves, and the world around us.

Be human

We may use AI, but we aren’t robots. We are kind, considerate, and supportive of all our customers – employers and candidates – and our coworkers.

Create equity

We always treat others fairly and with respect, and creating opportunities for all by building a more equitable talent selection system is our top priority.

Lighten the load

We go above and beyond to partner with, support, and make work easier for our customers and our coworkers.

Invite diversity

We embrace and support differences in our workforce and we aim to help our clients do the same.

See how Cangrade can help you make the right hire, bias-free.