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Retention Forecast

Stop attrition before it starts with our employee retention tool.

Retain your employees with Cangrade's employee retention tool, Retention Forecast

Boost employee retention and engagement

Predict the candidates who are most likely to stay, be engaged and motivated, and less likely to burn out. Coupled with our Pre-Hire Assessment, Retention Forecast predicts candidate success and retention 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods to help your team identify top talent.

5 retention factors

Know what factors drive employee retention at your organization and pinpoint the candidates that have them.


Candidate grading

Receive a candidate’s fit score predicting the likelihood of success and retention instantly after assessment completion.

Reduce turnover with Cangrade's employee retention tool

Increase HR efficiency and reduce turnover with pre-hire insights

Reduce rehiring and false starts by finding the right fit for your role the first time, helping your team save time and costs. Retention Forecast identifies and prioritizes the candidates in your pipeline who are most likely to stay with your organization, so you focus your attention on and hire the right talent.

Recruiter dashboard

Compare candidates’ likelihood to succeed and stay with sorted fit scores in your recruiter dashboard.

Hiring automation

Automatically move high-scoring candidates to the next stage in your hiring process.

Measure and optimize employee engagement in 45 seconds

Benchmark your workforce’s current engagement with Retention Forecast’s 45-second employee survey. After surveying your team, you receive a targeted action plan for increasing current employee engagement across five key areas: support, engagement, value, voice, and happiness.

Improve employee engagement with insights from Cangrade's employee retention tool, Retention Forecast

45-second survey

Measure the engagement of your team and their likelihood to stay with a 45-second survey.

Employee benchmark

Reveal your team’s level of engagement and which of the 5 factors of retention are important to them.

Engagement action plan

Start improving retention by implementing recommended next steps customized to your workforce’s engagement. 

How does it work?

How Cangrade's employee retention tool, Retention Forecast, works
Cangrade's Retention Forecast and Hiring and Talent Management Solutions Customers

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Identify your top talent in less than 14 minutes.


Assess candidates on the hard skills they need.


Narrow your talent pool quickly and easily.

Reference Checking

Automate references for better insights.

Start building employee retention pre-hire