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4 Ways Cangrade’s Video Interviewing Software Delivers Hiring Success

With all the technology available to recruiters and hiring managers, relying on old-school in-person interviews to find the best job candidates simply isn’t as effective anymore. Switching to a video interviewing software platform like Cangrade’s can help you deepen your talent pools, speed up time to hire and hiring efficiency, and reduce bias. Here’s what you need to know. 

How Cangrade’s Video Interviewing Software Works 

Cangrade’s video interviewing software takes the hassle, and the bias, out of conducting candidate interviews. 

You simply send an invitation to candidates who might be a good fit and invite them to record videos of themselves answering a structured set of interview questions. Your recruiters and hiring manager can review the responses at any time once they’re recorded. If you’d like to streamline your hiring process further, you can automatically send an invitation for the video interview to candidates who score high on your Pre-Hire Assessments

Video interviews mean that you can get to know a candidate’s experience, hard and soft skills, and cultural fit without the need for endless in-person meetings. They’re an exciting new way to improve your candidate experience as well as your hiring efficiency. 

4 Benefits of Video Interviewing 

Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular: 82% of employers used them in 2021. That popularity reflects how many benefits they offer to hiring teams — here are a few of the most compelling ones. 

  1. Improves Recruiter Efficiency 

Video interviewing software allows for asynchronous communication, which saves recruiters valuable time otherwise spent on scheduling and conducting the interview in-person. With recruiting teams often being asked to do more with less, this increased efficiency lets them spend more time on valuable tasks like communicating and connecting with candidates. 

And video interviews can still offer a great candidate experience when they’re done thoughtfully. They can even help recruiters boost the employer brand, like with Cangrade’s customizable talent branding and candidate communications. 

  1. Reduces Time to Hire 

Hiring cycles today move quickly, especially for top talent. Video interviewing software removes the biggest friction point of the hiring process: scheduling and conducting interviews. Candidates can answer the questions on their own time, and recruiters and hiring managers can review when they’re free as well. 

Instead of spending days going back and forth on potential interview timing, you can have the answers you need quickly. It removes the need for meetings to give feedback on candidates, since your whole hiring team can leave their ratings and notes in the Cangrade system. The recruiter dashboard makes synthesizing everyone’s feedback a quick task so offers can be extended with confidence and swiftness. 

  1. Finds Better Fit Candidates 

Video interviews can help you find candidates who are a better fit for your open roles, especially when you use Cangrade’s platform. After a candidate takes your Pre-Hire Assessment, structured interview questions will be automatically generated based on their answers and the needs of your job openings so you can identify the person who is the perfect fit. If you need to probe even deeper, Cangrade’s video interviewing can accommodate custom questions generated by your team.

Since your whole hiring team can score candidates on all needed soft and hard skills, you can take a collaborative approach to find the right fit and align on every hiring decision. 

  1. Reduces Bias 

Cangrade’s video interviews use a structured interview format, which asks all candidates the same bias-free questions. This approach reduces bias because the hiring team evaluates all candidates based on the same information. Plus, since the interview can be sent to the whole hiring team for their comments and feedback, you can get a variety of perspectives and a collaborative review of the candidate’s answers. 

Ready to start reaping the rewards of video interviewing software today? Try Cangrade and see how easy and effective this approach is for yourself.