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Reducing Employee Turnover in Sales: Data-Backed Tactics

Your salespeople are your organization’s revenue generators — and that makes them extremely essential to your success. No matter how great your products or services are, if your salespeople aren’t there to sell them to your customers, you won’t have a successful business. But turnover in sales is among the highest of any role, which is what makes reducing employee turnover is a high priority.

How can your organization do a better job of holding onto those highly valued salespeople, especially your top performers? Cangrade conducted a longitudinal study of 2,685 employees from 2018-2022 to help HR teams understand what’s really driving attrition on sales teams, and the findings might surprise you.

Contrary to the popular saying that people leave managers, not organizations, our study found that organizations are actually mostly the reason for sales employee turnover. Salespeople who quit are 56% more likely to believe organizational decision-making is biased, and 40% more likely to believe they lack the resources to do their job, among other findings.

If you’re looking to reap the benefits of reducing employee turnover in your sales teams, check out the full report — it breaks down what you really need to know about why salespeople leave their jobs and what they’re looking for in an employer. With this data, you can create a better plan to retain and engage your sales employees so they can keep your organization on the path to success. Download the full report today and start making the right moves for reducing employee turnover in sales.

Download the full report on the reasons behind sales turnover and how to reduce them here: