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Talent Management Solutions for Small Businesses

Drive results through hiring

Hire efficiently, equitably, and affordably

Don’t have the time or a team of recruiters to sift through stacks of resumes? Get the tools you need to find the right fit, fast. Cangrade’s small business program gives small businesses access to our powerful Talent Management Solutions at a discounted cost. Because small businesses deserve great hiring solutions too. 

Hire the right fit, the first time

Uncover candidate insights you can’t get from a resume. Our Pre-Hire Assessments identify candidates with the soft skills that they’ll need to succeed in your organization (like initiative, emotional intelligence, and more). So you’ll make the right hire every time without getting bogged down in a stack of resumes.

Find the right candidate fit with Cangrade's Small Business program
Move your talent pipeline with Cangrade

Shorten your time to hire

Identify top applicants efficiently so you can focus on other tasks. Our Pre-Hire Assessments, workflow automations, and Video Interviews integrate seamlessly to identify, communicate with, and screen top talent quickly, objectively, and accurately. You’ll spend your time focused only on your very best applicants, giving you precious hours back in your day.

Make your hiring decisions in one platform

Cangrade’s solutions cover talent acquisition through talent management for any sized business. Our Applicant Tracking System helps you keep track of hiring, while Pre-Hire Assessments identify top talent and Video Interviews screen candidates for you. Let our solutions help you scale, and scale with you as you grow.

Lead and manage your team with insights

Discover each candidate’s strengths, skills gaps, and motivations so you know how to lead and manage every hire before they even come onboard. With our Pre-Hire Assessments, you get a detailed report on every candidate and a Fit Score of their likelihood to succeed, plus targeted tips to help coach and motivate them.

Make bias-free, science-backed hiring decisions

Our Pre-Hire Assessments are built on data science and I/O psychology. We measure more than 50 psychometric variables to predict success 10x more accurately than traditional hiring methods. Additionally, they have no adverse impact on any given group, so your chance of making a biased hiring decision is reduced to 0%.

Our Small Business Solutions

Pre-Hire Assessments

Understand a candidate’s likelihood to succeed

Our assessments leverage your custom Success Model to generate a Fit Score based on a candidate’s likelihood to succeed in that particular role. Our simple, color-coded dashboard then helps you focus on your top talent.


Automatically screen your top talent, without bias

Candidates pre-record video responses to your Structured Interview Guide. So you not only save time, but can review, collaborate, and comment on each candidate on your schedule.

Applicant Tracking System

Easily track applications and your hiring process

Our Pre-Hire Assessments and Video Interviews are already integrated with our Applicant Tracking Systems. No more chasing spreadsheets and disparate tools.

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