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Expert Input on What Motivates Gen Z

Gen Z is entering the workforce in force — they’re the generation born between 1997 and 2012, according to most definitions. They’re taking over from millennials as the new faces at work, and just like the generations before them, they have their own distinct way of working and forming relationships based on their experiences. They may be young, but they’ve already lived through a lot of changes, and that shapes how they move through the workplace and the world. 

So what, exactly, motivates Gen Z at work? Part of the answer is the same as it is for any generation — a connection to a larger mission, a thoughtful employee experience, and good pay and benefits. But knowing more about what drives Gen Z at work, and how they prefer to relate to their company, their managers, and their peers, can be helpful in developing a great employee experience for them. They’re the future of the workforce, after all, so ignoring them or treating them the same as boomers and Gen X likely won’t help you attract and retain the new generation of workers. 

And who better to ask about the priorities of Gen Z at work than some of the top experts in the HR field? Download this guide today to develop a deeper understanding of Gen Z and how to engage and retain them in your organization. You’ll learn what they’re looking for in an employer, what motivates them at work, and how to develop a great engagement strategy and employee experience that speaks to their needs, desires, and experiences.

Download the infographic with these insights below.