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5 Ways to Simplify Hiring With Cangrade’s UKG Integration and How It Works

HR technology can simplify your talent management, or make it a real headache. At Cangrade, we believe in enabling your team to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. This is why we built our integration with UKG, so your hiring tech works seamlessly. Every time. 

Keep reading to learn more about how our UKG integration works to:

  • Identify the perfect fit 
  • Increase hiring efficiency
  • Remove implicit hiring bias
  • Assess fit in multiple roles
  • Deliver a stellar candidate experience

1. Identify the Perfect Fit

Our psychometric Pre-Hire Assessment quickly identifies whether an applicant is a good fit for your role and your organization.

To help your team make the right hire every time, on completion of our assessment we deliver an easy-to-understand score predicting candidate success and retention, plus insights into candidates’ strengths, development opportunities, and motivation. So no matter if it’s a new or internal hire you can be confident that you’re hiring the right applicant and they’ll have what they need to succeed. 

Our UKG integration delivers those candidates’ fit scores and insights right in each candidate’s UKG profile, so you have all the candidate data you need for decision-making in one place.

2. Increase Hiring Efficiency

A fast and efficient data-driven hiring process means you can keep your pipeline moving without sacrificing high-quality candidates. But creating an efficient hiring process can be challenging.

Cangrade’s UKG integration allows HR teams to move quickly, making it possible to hire the candidates you want and need. By reviewing candidates’ fit scores from Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment right in candidates’ UKG profiles, HR teams can quickly qualify and narrow down talent pools to only top candidates. Plus, our automation can take the work of assigning assessments, qualifying candidates, and video interviewing off of your team to make your process even more efficient.   

3. Remove Implicit Hiring Bias

Building workforce diversity is simplified by leveraging Cangrade’s patented bias-free technology. Our Pre-Hire Assessment removes implicit bias from the hiring process, creating a fair and inclusive environment for your candidates moving through your UKG pipeline. 

Cangrade’s solutions reduce your chance of making a biased decision to 0% by leveraging our patented process for bias removal. And by evaluating a candidate’s soft skills, you avoid potentially biased evaluations such as phone screens and resume reviews, 

When you integrate Cangrade’s talent management solutions into your UKG hiring process, you remove bias and increase diversity as you evaluate candidates. Plus, we’re constantly expanding our bias protections to support organizations in their efforts to build a diverse and inclusive workforce.

4. Assess Fit in Multiple Roles 

Sometimes a candidate might not be a good fit for the role they applied for, but they possess strong soft and hard skills that could add value to your workforce. With Cangrade’s hiring solutions, it’s easy to identify if those candidates could be a fit for another role.

Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment can evaluate a candidate’s fit for multiple open positions in your organization without asking the candidate to take the assessment multiple times. So you make the most of your talent pool and candidates get placed in roles where they’ll shine. With our UKG integration, those scores are available in each candidate’s UKG profile along with their score results from the position they originally applied to, keeping your candidate data consolidated and hiring process streamlined.

5. Deliver a Stellar Candidate Experience

Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment takes 14 minutes or less and can be taken on any device. Plus, on completion, candidates receive a report with their top strengths, development opportunities, career motivations, and weaknesses. With 92% candidate satisfaction, your applicants will walk away from our Pre-Hire Assessment with valuable information and a positive impression of your company, whether you hire them or not. 

“Great experience to learn about myself. I truly enjoyed the results,” said Serenity Taylor of taking the Cangrade assessment.

By integrating our assessment into your UKG hiring process, we make delivering a positive candidate experience easy. Once our assessment is assigned through our UKG integration, no further steps are needed from your team. Our UKG integration automatically delivers candidates their reports and your team their results.

Want to learn more about Cangrade’s integration with UKG and how data-driven solutions can help your organization build a team of rockstars tailored to your business needs?