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How to Use Soft Skills to Build Your Dream Team: Webinar Recap

A study from LinkedIn found that 89% of recruiters say when a hire doesn’t work out, it’s due to a lack of soft skills. Relying on soft skills in talent management is critical to building a high-performing, engaged team. Yet many talent management processes remain focused on hard skills and credentials – from candidate screening through promotions. 

Shifting the focus of your company’s talent acquisition and management to soft skills, rather than hard skills and credentials, helps you attract the right talent and find the right fit for your company and the candidate. Which in turn fuels retention, engagement, and your HR team’s success.

In this webinar, Dr. Liana Epstein reveals tactics for building teams that are happy and drive results by using soft skills. In addition to the benefits of a focus on soft skills to your organization, which include:

  1. Widening your funnel by including non-traditional hires
  2. Optimizing role fit by focusing on the unique characteristics of your company
  3. Increasing diversity by democratizing the requirements for the role
  4. Supporting upskilling by identifying areas for growth and coaching
  5. Facilitating lateral movements and promotions by spotting untapped potential
  6. Driving retention by making sure that people are well-suited to their roles

You’ll also learn how to identify and evaluate candidates’ soft skills the right way – because there is a wrong way – to ensure your success. 

Watch now to start building your dream team.