Why are manhole covers round?

Some time ago I mentioned interview questions used by Thomas Edison. It is quite safe to say that Edison company back then was what Google is now. So what does Google ask (or used to ask) their candidates in the job interview? Well, it actually seems to be well in line with Edison’s tradition. Questions like “Why are manhole covers round?” became a whole-mark of being interviewed by Google. Here is a more complete list of Google interview questions. Now let’s ask ourselves, are those trick questions the key factor in the fact that Google gets top of the top […]

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Long silence broken

Actually it was not silent at all. In fact it was so packed with events, meetings and plain old work that updating the blog kept being pushed out to a better day… So, this is a better day, and here are the main news: We would like to welcome on board Dr. Greg Willard. Greg has extensive experience in Cognitive and Neuropsychological Research and he joins forces with the rest of our team to continue the strive to build best assessment tools on the market. One of the first projects that Greg helped spearheading is our Discover Portal. Discover Portal is a mere […]

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Cangrade at Mass Innovation 12/14/2011

Check us out: Thank you to everyone who came out to see us. The event was packed and we all had a blast! We really enjoyed connecting with some awesome and influential people in the Boston entrepreneurial scene. A huge thank you to Bobbie from Mass Innovation, a massive shout-out to everyone who stopped by our table and saw us present, and a big hug from me personally to the hundreds of people who voted for us! We all had a blast, and thank you for coming out!  

On-line resume: give it a character!

The idea of on-line resume is almost as old as the Web itself. After all what can be more logical than to let the World know who you are and what you can do (professionally speaking). As some of you might recall the use of this was somewhat limited to academics and geeks (which are not necessarily two distinct groups). Now skip 10 years forward and you have the social networks ruling the cyber world, with LinkedIn branding itself as your professional network. What they say is that the network comes first and everything else is just attributes of the network, things to share… […]

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Check us out in Waltham, MA on December 14th!

This is our page: http://mass.innovationnights.com/products/cangrade We are excited to be in the running to present Cangrade at Mass Innovation Nights on December 14th. If you can make it to the IBM Innovation Center in Waltham, MA, stop by and say hi. If you can’t we plan to have some really cool videos to show you Don’t forget to vote for us here: http://mass.innovationnights.com/events/december-14-2011-mass-innovation-nights-min33