The Show-Me State: The Art of Effective Communication Pt. 3

Did you know that according to the International Journal of Communication we consume – on average – 34 gigabytes (or 100,500 words) of information outside of work on an average day? Also did you know that according to researchers at the University of Southern California we receive 5x more information today as we did in 1986? Basically, it’s information overload […]

The Hottest New Thing: Is It Actually a “Thing?” (The Mismeasure of Candidates, Part 4)

Occam’s Razor is a basic logical principle: The simplest explanation for a given phenomenon tends to be the correct one. Complex explanations require more assumptions to be made, thereby increasing the likelihood that some of those assumptions will be false. It is not a coincidence that the most outlandish and unlikely theories (Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, faked moon landings, […]

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New Cangrade Video Demo

About a week ago we released the new video demo that shows off our flagship pre-screening and ATS product. A few fun facts about this video: The entrance chord is played on electrical clarinet and composed by a good friend of ours Eugene Lerman All the personality traits and Candidate Grades that are seen in the demo are real scores from […]

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HR and the Unconscious Mind: Do we automatically judge a book by its cover (in poker and promotion)?

I watched an episode of The World Series of Poker recently.  Anyone who’s watched the show knows that the viewers and announcers get a secret glance at the cards each player is holding (and anyone who’s ever played poker knows this makes the game a whole lot easier).  But this time, for one hand a player’s cards remained hidden.  After […]

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