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Data Science Takes Your Job Interviews to the Next Level

The main purpose of the job interview is to evaluate candidates.

But that probably isn’t your only goal.

It can be just as important to show a personal interest in each candidate.

After all, a positive interview experience can increase the chances that the best candidates will actually accept a job offer.

The problem with more “personal”  interviews is that they typically aren’t very reliable or valid.

Without planning ahead, it can be very difficult to stay on track.

If we just discuss whatever comes to mind, we often end up with information that is inconsistent, incomplete, or irrelevant.

Highly structured interviews are more reliable and valid, but often feel impersonal and unappealing.

If a more personal candidate experience is really important, we don’t want that either.

What can you do?

The best of both worlds

You don’t have to start interviewing from scratch.

Include a personality assessment as the first step in your application process (It’s already a great idea anyway).

Then use data science to find the traits and soft skills that are most relevant to performance on the job.


With this intelligence in hand, automatically create a customized interview process that focuses on the most relevant strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

For example, here we have a candidate applying for a job that requires effective persuasion.

We know from the data that assertiveness and sociability influence the ability to persuade, and that the candidate is relatively low on these traits.


Now the interviewer knows this too.

And they are armed with relevant questions to find out if these potential weaknesses might actually be a problem.

It gets even better.

The interviewer can keep track of the process right on their desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

No more paperwork! All your notes and evaluations can be stored securely in the Applicant Tracking System.


Sometimes two heads are better than one.

It can be a great idea to include multiple interviewers in the process.

And it’s really easy to do. Share the customized interviews with the people who need them on-demand, with just the click of a button.


The results of the interview process are integrated with other relevant candidate data.

Easy to access, any time you need it.


Our customers have been asking for these tools. And as always, we deliver.

Is this the solution that you have been waiting for?