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Put Talent Analytics to Work

We analyze what makes employees successful to find your next great hire.

Increase Revenue
Reduce Turnover
Improve Diversity
Increase Safety and Productivity
Find Employees that Stay
Make Hiring Defensible and Efficient
Spot Top Candidates
Decrease False Starts
Achieve Strategic Goals
Among our Customers:

The Product

Our machine learns the attributes of successful people in your organization, and lets you assess people in real time, instantly identifying candidates most likely to succeed in your organization.

Using our products reduces your workload while helping you build your talent pipeline, and improve your success at identifying great employees who will thrive in your culture over the long term.

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Before you read a single resume your candidates are instantly sorted by their fit to the job You have complete control over all aspects of managing, sharing, and monitoring the job Complete candidate profiles with detailed analyses of personality and job-related skills

Cangrade for Sales

Performance-enhancing results are metric-driven and statistically significant, customized to support the organization’s overall strategic goals and KPI’s.

  • Build your Sales Force to create a unique competitive industry advantage
  • Add Muscle to the top end of your Sales Team
  • Eliminate below-average Hires
  • Reduce Turnover
  • Improve Corporate Culture and Diversity

Cangrade for Non-Exempt

The “Human Element” is both the key to your company’s ongoing success and growth, as well as the challenge that demands constant effort from both HR and Hiring Managers. Gain a sustainable competitive advantage in your Industry by using Cangrade’s advanced Talent Analytics.

  • Focus your recruitment efforts only on high potential candidates
  • Identify the employee retention patterns to hire workers who stay
  • Directly impact Safety, Productivity, Attendance and other key metrics
  • Make your hiring process highly defendable, if challenged in a court

Cangrade for Professionals

Each hire you make has a significant impact on your organization. You can’t afford to make poor hires. With the help of our Machine Learning technology, you can maximize employee success rates and minimize hiring risks.

  • Reduce the chance of bad hires by 60-80%
  • Identify candidates who will get up to speed quickly
  • Improve the tenure of your most successful employees
  • Ensure hiring managers are comfortable with the vetting process

The Science

Our team of experts researched millions of data points from over 200,000 employees, and conducted over 40 studies, in order to find the complex combinations of personality attributes that best predict actual performance on the job.
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Justin Jackson
Managing Director of
Research and Development
"Cangrade has helped us reduce turnover by 40%. It is a critical and irreplaceable tool"
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