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Recruit for Success
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for Success

Holistic Talent Management. Powered by AI, tailored to your goals.

Among our Customers:

How Does AI Powered Talent Management Work?

Your Employee
Success Data
AI Model

Bias-free Guarantee

To keep your hiring even-handed, Cangrade ensures each AI algorithm is free of adverse impact.
Sexual Orientation
Country of Origin
Marital Status
Mental Disability
Physical Disability
"Our first year of Cangrade deployment led to increases in revenue of at least $12.9 million."
Applied Industrial Technologies
"With Cangrade we are identifying better quality candidates and reduced turnover by 20%"
Director of Employee

The Science

Our AI methodology was developed over 8 years by our in-house team of scientists. Fueled by over a million data points across industries and roles, it is fast, engaging, and powerful at predicting success.
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Easy to Use

Our Data Sciences and Software Engineers work hard so you don't have to.

Cangrade's AI provides clear recommendations about your Talent Management decisions and easy-to-read reports.

Our Customer Support and Talent Management Consultants are always there to assist you with any questions.

Your Bottom Line is Our Priority

Your goals may include increasing sales, reducing turnover, building efficiencies, improving customer satisfaction, and more. Cangrade's AI calibrates our Talent Management Solutions to specifically improve the success metrics that matter to you. You tell us what you want to achieve, and we will help you get there.
Over time we will help you measure success and track the ROI gained from using Cangrade's solutions.