Put Talent Analytics to Work

Assessments powered by predictive analytics
Intuitive tools to manage your hiring process
Plug it into your existing recruitment flow
Regularly review employee engagement
Gain insights that inform management decisions
Retain happy employees and build a positive culture
Processes that avoid unconscious blind-spots
Unlock the power of diverse perspectives
Deep insights based on your own data
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Integrated Solution
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All-in-one Solution
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The Science

Our team of experts researched millions of data points from over 200,000 employees, and conducted over 40 studies, in order to find the complex combinations of personality attributes that best predict actual performance on the job.
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The Products

Cangrade's data science engines crunch all the numbers behind the scenes. The result is an easy-to-use, highly automated hiring and talent management platform that simply gives you exactly what you need.
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Before you read a single resume your candidates are instantly sorted by their fit to the job You have complete control over all aspects of managing, sharing, and monitoring the job Complete candidate profiles with detailed analyses of personality and job-related skills

Connecting All The Dots

Connect easily your hiring campaigns with the talent management ecosystems of our partners.
Justin Jackson
Managing Director of
Research and Development
"Cangrade has helped us reduce turnover by 40%. It is a critical and irreplaceable tool"
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