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Virtual Hiring. Powered by AI.

Scale Remote Hiring with AI-powered Assessments and Guided Video Interviews
Ensure Fair Hiring with our Bias-Free Guarantee

Our customers are revolutionizing recruiting:

Accelerate Hiring Cycles

Without compromising quality and diversity


Quickly screen applicants with your customized AI-driven online assessment that is bias-free, 10x more accurate than traditional methods.

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Interview applicants via video with automatically generated questions from our AI technology that are tailored to their assessment results.

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Remote Onboarding & Training

Ramp up new employees with a personalized path to success

Tailor onboarding programs based on a personalized competency analysis to accelerate new hire ramp up.

Customize training material and utilize existing content to provide the most effective skills development to each employee.

Remove Implicit Bias in Hiring:
Our Bias-Free Guarantee

Removing implicit biases in hiring is both a is both a moral and legal imperative. It also makes business sense: diversity is proven to help teams deliver more robust business outcomes with direct impact on bottom line results.

Cangrade’s Bias-Free Guarantee means that your assessment will have no statistically significant adverse impact on any legally protected demographic group. Going the extra mile to ensure equal opportunities for all, we are continually adding demographic identifiers to our big data sets to extend our bias-free guarantee to additional groups.

The Science

Cangrade's AI is powered by millions of data points.
More accurate job success predictions than other methods.
No biases.
No adverse impact.

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What Our Customers Say

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Keep Your Process Compliant

Keep your hiring fair and compliant with AI algorithms that are free of any adverse impact
Any criteria used in the Cangrade candidate assessment can be demonstrated to be linked to relevant performance criteria for their specific job.
Cangrade ensures that no significant differences in model outcomes exist across any of the protected groups mandated by the EEOC or any other demographic groups.
Data Proof
Cangrade collects the data to back up the bias-free guarantee, so you can track it internally and withstand any challenge.