Learn more from our CEO as he shares his observations about the challenges in hiring developers, as well as some solutions to those issues.

Why Most Companies Get Hiring Developers Wrong

In my software development career, I’ve been hired and I have hired. Now, in my job of running a Talent Assessment company, I’ve been observing our customers dealing with the precarious nature of software developer hiring. As a result, I want to share my observations about the challenges in hiring developers as well as some solutions. 1. Talent Shortage? In […]

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An HR leader is called now to help meet the new challenges of these pandemic times.

Navigating the HR Leader “Ship” in the COVID-19 Era

We are all in uncharted territory. Just a few weeks ago, I wrote about the new imperative for any HR leader. I shared my thinking on how an HR leader is expected to help their company achieve its business goals and KPIs. Facing a global pandemic sheds a different light on these words. Business-as-usual goals and KPIs are put on […]

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Those in HR leadership need to transform people and talent management into a workforce performance engine.

How to Drive Business Performance through Talent Optimization: The New Imperative for HR Leadership

The role of HR leadership in the modern organization is undergoing a transformation. Beyond recruiting, benefit management, and other traditional roles, executives expect HR leaders to help their company meet and exceed business goals and KPIs. The shortage of skilled workers has become the new norm across industries and disciplines. So, investment in human capital – from hiring to development […]

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Cangrade and Workday: Partnering to Power Data-Driven Recruitment

We are excited to announce that Cangrade is now officially a Workday Emerging Partner. This means that our mutual customers can deploy Cangrade’s data-driven assessments within the Workday Recruiting platform. What does it mean for you? Integrating Cangrade into your Workday solution puts the power of AI-powered assessments in the hands of your recruiters. AI-powered success models are the most […]

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Cangrade released a feature that allows you to create a unique QR code for any job opening. Learn how to best use this at upcoming job fairs.

Tips for Job Fairs: How to Use QR Codes to Enhance your Efforts

Job Fairs are a common way of attracting a lot of potential candidates in one place at the same time. They can make your recruitment process more personal and showcase your company’s hiring brand. Job Fairs can also present a couple of significant logistical challenges: Tracking applicants in person is not as easy as doing it online via your ATS […]

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