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Tips for Job Fairs: How to Use QR Codes to Enhance your Efforts

Job fairs are a common way of attracting a lot of potential candidates in one place at the same time. They can make your recruitment process more personal and showcase your company’s hiring brand.

Job fairs can also present a couple of significant logistical challenges:

  • Tracking applicants in person is not as easy as doing it online via your ATS
  • Attracting candidates to your company’s booth (unless you are the only game in town) can feel like an uphill battle

This is where this tip for job fairs can help. Use QR codes.

What is a QR Code?

QR codes are not a new technology. In fact, they’ve been around since 1994. The main idea behind a QR code (that stands for Quick Response) is to make short textual or numeric information available for reliable detection and reading by an optical scanner.

Point your phone’s camera at this image and see what happens.

QR codes became very popular outside of the US (particularly in China) in the last 10 years, but in the US market, the main obstacle to wider adoption has been the need to install a special QR reading app. It wasn’t until recently that this obstacle has been removed.

In the latest versions of both iOS and Android, the default phone camera has the ability to identify QR codes, read them, and perform relevant actions on the information that has been read. For example, if it detects that the QR code contains a URL, it will offer to open this URL in your default browser.

How is This Tip Relevant to Job Fairs?

By using this tip for job fairs, both job fair challenges can be addressed. By using a QR code that directs to an assessment at the job fair you can both attract and track candidates. Here is how:

  1. Place your job’s QR code in a visible place
  2. State clearly what this QR code is for and make it interesting. For example: “Take this 15-minute survey to learn about your top 3 strengths”
  3. Encourage your candidates to scan the code and take the survey

Here is what you will get from it:

  1. You will have the information about all your candidates tracked and available for further processing
  2. You will collect valuable assessment data from your applicant pool that will allow you to identify high-potential candidates
  3. Your company will look “tech-savvy” and will attract more applicants

How Can You Start Using QR Codes at Job Fairs?

Cangrade allows you to create a unique QR code for any job opening so you can easily use this tip for job fairs. All you need to do is attach the QR code to the relevant pre-hire assessment that provides value to the applicants.

Contact us today to learn more.