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Announcing Cangrade’s Candidate Reports: Elevate Your Candidate Experience

Creating a stand-out candidate experience isn’t easy. It requires constant and personalized communication and feedback, which takes time and effort from your team. But a positive candidate experience can work wonders for your employment brand. Which is why we’re introducing Cangrade’s Candidate Reports. 

On completion of a Cangrade Pre-Hire Assessment, candidates can now receive a tailored report summarizing their top strength, development priority, and motivation. Each report delivers valuable feedback candidates can use in their professional journey and is sent from Cangrade automatically, so you get the win without lifting a finger. 

Cangrade’s candidate Reports provide an additional, personalized touchpoint in your candidates’ application journey, keeping them interested and engaged in the process and freeing up your team to focus on other efforts. And as you sit back, your employment brand will grow—helping your organization attract more top talent and stand out from the competition. 

For more information reach out to our Customer Success team for a demo or discover your strengths by taking our assessment.