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Cangrade and Workday: Partnering to Power Data-Driven Recruitment

We are excited to announce that Cangrade is now officially a Workday Emerging Partner. This means that our mutual customers can deploy Cangrade’s data-driven assessments within the Workday Recruiting platform.

What does it mean for you?

Integrating Cangrade into your Workday solution puts the power of AI-powered assessments in the hands of your recruiters. AI-powered success models are the most accurate predictors of new-hire job performance. They are up to 4x more reliable than traditional screening methods. 

With the help of Cangrade’s AI, recruiters can quickly and reliably identify the candidates that have a higher potential to be top performers.

Why is it a big deal?

Cangrade’s data-driven assessment directly impacts measurable business outcomes from top-line revenues to bottom-line profits. It can also reduce new hire turnover and remove bias from recruiting and promotion decisions.

Incorporating AI into your Workday workflow empowers your HR organization to make a strategic business impact like never before. It will transform your recruiting process into a workforce performance engine.

How does it work?

Watch the video to see how you can incorporate Cangrade as Inline Assessments into your Workday recruitment flow.

Once the integration is enabled by your admin, Cangrade assessments are available for you to select in the “Assessments” section of your job requisition, added as the last step of your application process. 

Upon completion, you can access the results of the assessment and fit level recommendations in the applicant’s profile under the “Screen” tab. Workday Recruiting users can see the assessment status, overall fit-score, key factors that drive this score, as well as a link to the Assessment Report.

The report provides detailed information about the applicant traits that most significantly impact his/her potential to succeed in this job. It also highlights the applicant’s strongest professional competencies relevant to this role. Finally, it flags the areas identified as top development priorities to address any gaps between the specific job requirements and the applicant’s current competencies.

Cangrade’s assessment validity is higher than any other screening methods in the process and guaranteed to have no adverse impact. Incorporate an assessment early in the hiring process to help recruiters focus their attention on the highest potential candidates. To learn more about the Cangrade and the Workday integration, contact us here.