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The Smart Way to Strategize Your High Volume Hiring

When you need to fill a large number of roles fast, you’re entering the world of high-volume hiring. This is an exciting time, as it usually means your company is growing. But it can also be a challenge as you try to balance speed and growth with delivering a quality candidate experience and hiring the top performers in your field as well. 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when you’re recruiting at a high volume to keep the process positive for your hiring team and your candidates too. 

Build Engagement Into Your Candidate Experience 

Creating a positive candidate experience is essential in any recruiting environment, but it’s particularly important to focus attention there during high-volume hiring. 

You should make the candidate experience easy and aligned with applicants’ needs. Don’t include too many screening questions – requiring 30 screener questions reduces applications by 50%, and more than 45 questions reduces applicants by nearly 90%. 

And stay engaged with candidates during the recruiting process. 61% of job seekers have had a recruiter vanish on them – and 49% would turn down an offer if they had a bad recruiting experience. Even though your hiring team is busy, you don’t want to harm your own hiring efforts by ignoring the candidate experience. 

Personalize Your Outreach 

In the rush to hire for a large number of open positions, backfill open roles, or when you simply have a large applicant pool, personalization can be the first thing to go. Your hiring team is busy, after all, and personalizing every outreach takes time. 

But this time is well-spent. The top candidates have many options in their search for a new role, so you need to stand out to reach them and interest them in your company. Taking the time to send personal notes on Linkedin or via email to your most promising candidates can make all the difference.  Your recruiting technology should allow you to personalize your outreach with ease, giving you more information about candidates and allowing you to talk directly to them to increase engagement. 

Reach Out to Top Talent 

In the search to fill previous open roles, it’s likely that you had some qualified candidates – maybe even great ones – who simply didn’t come out ahead for some reason. 

Your high-volume hiring search is a good time to reach back out to those candidates to see if they’re still interested in a role with your company. You can fast-track their application process as well, which is a positive experience for them. 

Talent rediscovery also gives you access to a pool of candidates you already know and see potential in, which helps you streamline the process to reach top talent. 

Use Automation and AI 

When you have a lot of open roles to fill at once, manually reviewing every resume is not a good use of your team’s time. Instead, take advantage of automation – use software that helps you sift through the initial deluge of resumes to avoid overwhelming your team, and review the filtered resumes for further screening such as pre-hire assessments

Scheduling and conducting face-to-face interviews is also difficult when your hiring team is swamped. Trying to find times that work for everyone takes a lot of back and forth, and last-minute cancellations, because your team is too busy with the demands of high-volume hiring, are a detriment to the candidate experience. 

Fortunately, there are solutions such as Cangrade’s Video Interviews. Candidates can record their answers to structured interview questions. Each member of your hiring team can score candidate responses, note their feedback, and dialogue with colleagues in real time. You can even enable the automatic movement of candidates with the highest fit scores on your Pre-Hire Assessment to Video Interviews to keep the talent pipeline flowing smoothly. Schedule your demo today.