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How to Deepen Your Talent Pool: A Guide

How can you make the most out of your top talent?

Throughout the hiring process you often ask yourself, “is this candidate the right fit for this role?” But how often do you ask if the candidate is a better fit for another open position? Or review top performers for lateral moves? 

Finding candidates who will succeed and stay is more than just identifying the unicorn within your job applicants. It’s reviewing highly qualified candidates and employees in your talent pool to determine the positions they will succeed in. Looking at alternative open positions for top candidates and prioritizing lateral moves for employees can help you find the right fit for the right talent.

Expanding your talent pool by placing candidates in alternative roles and employees in lateral positions benefits candidates, employees, and HR leaders. Including:

  • Decreasing time to hire
  • Increasing retention 
  • Lengthening employee tenure 
  • Expanding your talent pool
  • Driving a positive candidate experience

Learn how to develop a strategy for placing candidates in alternative open roles and enabling lateral moves with our guide. You’ll discover:

  • Tactics for ensuring the right fit
  • Ways to gauge interest from candidates and employees
  • Methods for internal communication on open roles 
  • And more

Plus, we reveal what steps to take to employ these strategies to make hiring even more efficient and how technology can help simplify.

Start expanding your talent pool and driving success across your organization by placing candidates in alternate roles and employees in lateral moves. Download the guide now.

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