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Talent Acquisition

Video Interviews

Assess applicants fairly and efficiently

Establish an objective and replicable hiring process

Prioritize equity and compliance. Powered by candidates’ Pre-Hire Assessment responses, our solution automatically generates bias-free structured interview questions. These questions probe candidates’ strengths and weaknesses to allow you to dig into candidates’ experience in a consistent manner.

Move from assessment to hire in no time

Skip scheduling hassles.

Candidates can pre-record video responses to structured interview questions tailored to your Success Model’s priorities when it works for them. The applicant videos are then embedded together in one easy location with prompts for scores and dedicated space for your hiring team to review independently.

Collaborate on hiring decisions

Enable your team to build a consensus on candidates without scheduling follow-up meetings.

With Video Interviews, each member of your hiring team can score candidate responses, note their feedback, and answer their colleagues in real-time. This room for dialogue ensures your team agrees on each hiring decision.

“Cangrade gives us the ability to make smarter, better hires.”

Mitch Langeler

VP of Talent and Culture at SMASHotels

Simplify remote hiring

Time zone conflicts and team members’ office hours no longer apply.

Our structured interview questions get hiring teams the answers they need from candidates without anyone stepping foot into an office. With an easy, user-friendly interface, hiring teams can review, share feedback, and align on candidates’ responses independently.

Keep your talent pipeline moving

Let our AI technology narrow down your talent pool and move top candidates along for you.

Working together, our Pre-Hire Assessments and Video Interviews objectively and accurately screen and interview top candidates without any manual intervention. Just enable automatic movement of candidates with the highest fit scores on your Pre-Hire Assessment to Video Interviews.

Build diverse teams with confidence

Put the emphasis where it belongs – on your applicants’ skills, talents, and experience.

Our Video Interviews’ structured format levels the playing field and eliminates implicit bias. Plus, pre-recorded responses allow you to increase the number of reviewers to benefit from a wider variety of feedback on each candidate’s fit.

How does it work?

See how you can streamline your interviewing today