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New Strategies for Employee Wellbeing Throughout Their Journey [Webinar]

Employee happiness leads to employee engagement and productivity. Which in turn leads to stronger retention rates. This is why HR leaders are, and should be, prioritizing employee wellbeing and mental health. Focusing on nurturing employee well-being is critical in developing workplace resilience.

In this webinar on employee wellbeing, Dr. Liana Epstein is joined by Tracie Sponenberg and Tamara Rasberry in discussing how to make HR more human. You’ll learn how hiring for soft skills and job fit, understanding employees’ career motivations, supporting professional development, and creating employee mobility will strengthen employee happiness and wellbeing, and thus, retention.

Some of the ways you can support employee wellbeing both pre- and post-hire that are covered in this webinar include:

  • Widening your funnel by including non-traditional hires
  • Hiring for soft skills and job fit
  • Understanding employee career motivations
  • Supporting professional development
  • Promoting a culture of mobility 

Watch now to build a happy and strong workforce.

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