Design a remote onboarding process that is deliberate, integrated, customized, and streamlined.

Welcome E-board: Designing a Successful Remote Onboarding Process

Setting new employees up for success looks different in a world where work from home – or work from anywhere – is the standard. Seamless onboarding helps avoid decreased morale, increased turnover, and lost productivity. So, what’s the key to a successful remote onboarding process? Tailoring your onboarding workflow to accommodate a hire who’s never set foot in the office […]

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Shaping the social environment can build a more inclusive workplace

3 Considerations for Building an Inclusive Workplace

Psychology research finds that deeply rooted attitudes and beliefs are some of the most immune to change. And that diversity training has a history of failing to make a difference in the creation of a truly inclusive workplace. So before starting that next presentation that is supposed to radically change your employees’ belief structure, perhaps it’s time to consider that […]

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