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New Study From Cangrade Uncovers What Drives Generational Happiness at Work

Research from Cangrade Identifies How Happy Each Generation is at Work and Why

WATERTOWN, Mass., April 4, 2023 ( – As workplace engagement continues to be a struggle for HR professionals in 2023, Cangrade, a leading AI-based predictor of job candidate success and retention, has published a study uncovering how happy each generation is at work and how to maximize each generation’s job satisfaction and workplace happiness.

Generational differences in values and priorities are well known, but not well addressed at work. Flexible time off and established career ladders don’t engage all employees. To combat this, Cangrade’s Research Scientist, Dr. Katherine Chia, conducted a survey to evaluate how happy each generation is at work, what motivates each generation’s happiness, and how to turn those drivers into opportunities for workforce engagement. 

Below are a few of the findings included in the report.

  • 26% of Gen Z is unhappy at work, and 17% of Gen Z is thinking about quitting their job.
  • The statement “I am proud of the work I do” most correlates to Gen X and Millennials’ happiness at work.
  • 40% of Baby Boomers highly disagree with the statement: “My work is unimportant to my identity.”
  • Baby Boomer’s workplace happiness is most highly correlated with the statement, “I get direct answers to my questions at work.”
  • Gen Z’s workplace happiness is most highly correlated with the statement, “My work environment brings out the best in me.” 

For a full copy of the results, download the study here:

“As workplaces grapple with swings in employee engagement and the job market, we sought to give leaders insight that might help them improve job satisfaction and weather this volatility,” shared Dr. Kat Chia.

“Although we know generational differences build the foundations of great teams, it isn’t easy to pinpoint how to utilize them. Our study saw a clear difference between the generations’ happiness at work, their workstyles, and their priorities. These insights into what drives each generation’s happiness at work greatly benefit employers looking to promote their teams’ strengths, fortify their weaknesses, and increase overall job satisfaction and engagement.”

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