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Cangrade Solution for Predicting Employee Success Creates Hiring Paradigm Shift

Combines rigorous predictive analytic candidate assessment with an easy-to-use candidate management system, enabling the best and most objective hiring decisions

BOSTON — April 14, 2014 Cangrade today introduced its Candidate Assessment Platform (CAP), a cloud-based software platform for automating the hiring process and predicting employee success. CAP has the promise of creating a shift in the traditional paradigm businesses use for hiring employees, as it enables them to make fair and objective hiring decisions as well as hire the best people based on future job performance predictability. 

Cangrade Candidate Assessment Platform is the best solution to combine rigorous predictive analytics with an easy-to-use Applicant Tracking System. CAP measures both hard and soft skills to fully evaluate a candidate, then uses millions of real world data points to automatically grade every candidate and accurately predict future job performance and real workplace outcomes.  

Using the Cangrade Candidate Assessment Platform, employers and human resource professionals have the ability to assess every candidate in greater depth, obtain an accurate prediction of future job performance and reduce employee training time and turnover, thereby lowering their hiring costs and boosting business performance. Cangrade has proven that employers can decrease the chances of a bad hire by up to 83% and reduce hiring costs by up to 90%.  

“I love the Cangrade dashboard, as it lets me see all the people who applied to my job organized by how well they fit the job,” said Lynn Reiter, Human Resource and Training Director at Clark County Credit Union, Las Vegas, NV. “The Cangrade Candidate Assessment Platform has been an enormous time saver and has led me to hire great people.”

“Finding the best candidate for a job can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack and often costs businesses thousands of dollars,” said Gershon Goren, CEO at Cangrade. “Our Candidate Assessment Platform provides businesses with the ability to automatically screen and grade every job applicant, obtaining deep analysis of the fit between the prospective employee, the job requirements, the existing team and the organization as a whole.” 

The Cangrade Candidate Assessment Platform further redefines the way businesses hire by providing a library of hundreds of tests for job relevant skills as well as data-driven validated assessments that provide accurate and unbiased results. CAP also enables businesses to:

  • Administer inventories to their database of current employees to assess the company and understand what drives success in their organization; 
  • Analyze a job’s soft skills alongside critical outcomes to understand what traits statistically drive performance; 
  • Integrate CAP with the company’s current Applicant Tracking System to build and assign the job-relevant skill tests; and 
  • Track both candidates through the hiring process and hires’ engagement and performance over time.

Cangrade CAP was developed as a result of the company’s team of experts spending years researching millions of data points from over 200,000 employees, running over 40 empirical studies and consulting with over 20,000 of its users.

Availability and Pricing
The Cangrade Candidate Assessment Platform is available now. Pricing starts at $200 per month per seat.

About Cangrade
Cangrade helps businesses hire the best people by uniquely combining predictive analytics with an easy to use candidate management system. Cangrade easily measures both hard and soft skills to fully evaluate a candidate.  Then, based upon its unique, cloud-based Candidate Assessment Platform™ (CAP), Cangrade uses millions of real world data points to automatically grade every candidate and accurately predict future job performance.  Virtually eliminating bad hires, Cangrade dramatically lowers hiring costs while boosting business performance. Cangrade, helping businesses hire the best people.