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Cangrade’s UKG Integration

Improve your pre- and post-hire processes with Cangrade’s UKG integration.

Cangrade’s UKG integration helps UKG customers streamline their hiring by integrating the talent data they need right into their UKG experience.

Our AI-powered Pre-Hire Assessment increases candidates’ job fit by efficiently and accurately predicting job success and retention, so you drive higher productivity, retention, and hiring efficiency. All while ensuring a bias-free candidate selection and great candidate experience.

With Cangrade’s UKG integration, organizations that utilize both Cangrade’s hiring solutions and UKG Pro simplify their own hiring processes and candidates’ by consolidating candidate information in one place, ensure they hire candidates who will succeed and stay, and provide a seamless and positive candidate experience.

Benefits of Cangrade’s UKG Integration

Cangrade's 14 minute pre-hire assessment integrates with UKG

Cangrade’s UKG Integration Features

View candidates' fit for alternate roles using Cangrade's pre-hire assessment integrated with UKG
Automatically check references with Cangrade's UKG integrated reference checking

Learn more about our UKG integration, meet with our sales team today.