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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Cangrade’s Hiring and Talent Management Solutions

Finding, hiring, and retaining great candidates is central to any HR team’s mission. And while technology companies promise to make various parts of the process easier, they can also add complexity and create a disjointed candidate experience.

Here are the five top reasons you should consider Cangrade’s talent management solutions: 

1. Increased Hiring Efficiency

Sourcing, interviewing, and hiring candidates is extremely time-consuming. If you’re doing high-volume hiring or simply struggling to fill openings, increasing your hiring efficiency is a must. 

When your hiring process is slow, employees might burn out trying to cover multiple roles, and candidates may jump at a faster offer instead of waiting for your company to get in touch. 

Cangrade can increase your hiring efficiency by helping you sort through candidates more effectively. Our Pre-Hire Assessments allow you to assess the hard and soft skills of each applicant in just a few minutes, and our Video Interviews cut down on scheduling and travel time for both your organization and candidates. 

2. Hiring Quality Candidates

Hiring faster isn’t helpful if your increased speed leads to bringing on lower-quality candidates. Cangrade’s talent management solutions allow you to source the best candidates and give them an excellent candidate experience so they’re more likely to say yes to an offer. 

With Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment, you can identify which candidates have the most meaningful soft skills. The kind that are hard to train, so they’re vital to hire for. 

In fact, Cangrade’s talent management solutions predict candidate success and retention 10x more accurately than traditional methods. 

3. Bias-Free Recruiting 

Our hiring technology is also bias-free, so you can feel completely confident you’re not ruling out any amazing candidates because of human or Artificial Intelligence (AI) based bias. With Cangrade’s structured interviews, one-way video interviews, and Pre-Hire Assessments, you can assess candidates for the great qualities they would bring to your organization without implicit bias

Having a recruitment process that values and attracts diversity also attracts higher-quality candidates in itself. Almost 80% of workers want to work for a company that values diversity and inclusion, so showing candidates that you’re truly committed to these values is critical for your candidate quality. 

4. Retention

Once you’ve hired the best people, getting them to stay with your company for the long term is the next challenge. Employee turnover is expensive and damaging to your organization, so focusing on retention helps save you money and stress. 

Cangrade’s Retention Forecast begins your retention journey during the hiring process by predicting which candidates will stay with your organization the longest. 

Training and upskilling your employees also encourages them to stay, and Cangrade’s Workforce Development enables your organization to do this more effectively.  

5. Candidate Feedback

Hiring evaluations work both ways. You’re evaluating the candidate and they’re also looking closely at how your company treats them to measure what working for your business would be like. 

And even if you don’t extend, or they don’t accept, a job offer, they’ll likely tell their network about any particularly positive or negative experiences — which impacts your employer brand.  

Giving them a great candidate experience ensures that your top choices for candidates are more likely to accept your offer, and that the ones that you don’t choose right now will still speak positively about your company. 

Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment takes applicants less than 14 minutes to complete and provides them with a report of their top strengths, development opportunities, and weaknesses. It’s no wonder that our assessments have a 94% candidate satisfaction rate. They provide a great experience for both you and your candidates. 

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