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How to Boost Your DE&I Initiatives with Cangrade

Diversity drives business. Candidates look for organizations that have DE&I initiatives in place, diverse cultures, and strategically drive equity at work. But improving diversity in the workplace can be challenging – where do you start? To begin, evaluate your current DE&I initiatives and ask yourself some questions:

  • Have you considered HR technology?
  • What about utilizing AI?
  • Have you welcomed feedback from your employees?

Surveying from your internal teams is a great place to start as you’ll gain an understanding of which DE&I initiatives are making an impact, and which aren’t.

Cangrade’s hiring and talent management solutions help you boost the efficacy of your DE&I initiatives by predicting candidate success and retention 10x more accurately than traditional methods with 0% chance of bias. Our psychometric assessment was created to ensure hiring equity, giving no group an advantage or disadvantage. So with your chance of making a biased hiring decision reduced, you can feel confident that you’re building a diverse and inclusive team.

Hiring for soft skills with Cangrade also widens your talent pool and allows for candidates who may not have the previous work experience required for a position to have the opportunity to grow and develop their hard skills. Cangrade’s Pre-Hire Assessment allows you to hone in on your top candidates quickly and equitably.

As part of our extensive testing process for our Pre-Hire Assessment, we vetted each individual question and trait to verify that no demographic group protected by the EEOC scored disproportionately higher or lower than the general population. In addition to the adverse impact protection built into our assessment, it is hardwired into our AI technology.

Without bias, Cangrade quickly narrows your talent pool with predictions of candidates’ likelihood to stay and succeed. Use Cangrade’s bias-free hiring solution to support your DE&I initiatives and find the right fit who will succeed and stay in your organization.

Learn more about how Cangrade can support your goals and build your DE&I strategy. Book a demo with us today.